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Review: XtremeMac InCharge Auto for iPhone and iPod

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

XtremeMac InCharge Auto

Car chargers are a necessary evil these days, something that you almost have to figure into the price of a new iPod or iPhone. However, traditionally they are what they are, functional and boring. It usually takes a little extra something for me to get excited enough about a car charger to bother writing about it, but I think the InCharge Auto by XtremeMac makes the cut.

The cool thing about this particular car charger is its modular design. XtremeMac InCharge AutoMost chargers consist of an auto-AC adapter with a cord fused to it, pretty much limiting its usability to the car. XtremeMac’s InCharge, however, has taken a clever approach which can actually save you money. The InCharge consists of 2 parts, the AC plug, and a detachable USB cable with Dock connector. This means you can disconnect the cable from the charger, and use it as a secondary charger on your computer’s USB port. Additionally, by allowing you to remove the cable, the InCharge’s USB port is now available to power other devices that can charge via USB (although I recommend checking their power specs before doing so).

Operation is simple. Plug the adapter into your car’s cigarette adapter (or are they called “12-volt accessory outlets” now?) and connect your iPod or iPhone. A blue LED lets you know you have a properly regulated connection, and the InCharge’s intelligent self-resetting fuse means you won’t overcook your iPhone. The cable is a good length too, meaning you can talk on your iPhone while charging (and parked, of course).


XtremeMac InCharge AutoReasonably priced at only $19.95, the InCharge costs about what many standalone iPhone/iPod cables cost, but provides twice the functionality. The InCharge is backed by XtremeMac’s lifetime guarantee, and sports the official “Works with iPhone” and “Made for iPod” logos for those of you worried about frying your Apple gear. If you are looking for a mobile charging solution for your iPod or iPhone, the InCharge offers a versatile, affordable, and idiot-proof design sure to make your car-charging experience one almost worth writing about.

InCharge Auto by XtremeMac

Cost: $19.95

Pros: Certified for iPhone; Modular design can be used in car or with computer; simple; cheap

Cons: Non significant

2 Responses to “Review: XtremeMac InCharge Auto for iPhone and iPod”
  1. Matt says:

    Could you theoretically plug this into a small USB hub, and then charge multiple devices at the same time? Surely there is a power usage limit that would hamper this, but to charge the car ipod and a cell phone or two off the same outlet would be killer.

  2. hhfstk says:

    Good review but leaves me with one question still unanswered. Is there an iPhone auto charger conspiracy to never at any cost mention the length of cord. I don’t understand it and it seems very relevant and would have been appreciated in the review especially since the manufacturer has not indicated this information on their site or the product packaging.

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