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Free Stuff: SendStation iPod FW adapters

If you’re like us (God help you) you can’t resist free stuff, whether you need it or not (we still have every free, unlistenable song from the iTunes Store, for example).

Well, lovers of free stuff rejoice! SendStation Systems is giving away 1,000 of its PocketDock FW iPod adapters, which allow you to charge the iPod or iPhone using any standard 6-pin FireWire cable. Offer available while supplies last or until October 1, 2007, limited to one PocketDock per person (plus S/H – $6.80 in my case). Just click on their “Store”, and you’ll see a free one is already in your cart.

SendStation is also offering its PocketDock AV for a limited time 33% off, that’s USD 24.75, compared to the regular USD 36.95. The ultra-compact, thumb-sized iPod adapter provides connections for USB, line out audio, as well a both composite and S-Video, allowing you to sync & charge, attach your iPod to your home stereo and output iPod videos in supreme quality on TVs or projectors.

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5 Responses to “Free Stuff: SendStation iPod FW adapters”
  1. Yong Hwee says:

    Cool! I’ve ordered mine. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. saltmine says:

    Is this a great deal? I’d say one of these things is worth, maybe, six bucks. Throw in 80 cents for shipping, and there you have it. This is not really a deal at all, nor is it “free.”

  3. Stian says:

    Woow! Great tip,man! I immediatly made my order, cause I think FW is far better than USB.

  4. jeffharris says:

    These things are great. I use one with an 8″ FireWire cable for charging… too bad Apple dropped FireWire syncing!

    They also sell one that has a standard USB jack and an audio/video line-out jack!

  5. niclet says:

    Grabbed one with the PocketDock AV at 33%, great deal thanks.

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