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Apple Store displaying Jail broken iPhone

Who can tell these days if anything on the web is real, what with these newfangled computers and all, but if this flickr pic is not ‘shopped, it’s a pretty damn funny shot.

[UPDATE: Faithful Macenstein reader max just sent us HIS pics (see below) of the several iPhones he claims to have unlocked at the Biltmore, AZ Apple Store using Seems to be an epidemic!

The comments below have explained away the SMS message alert (the only real question mark in our mind), so yeah, we’re calling these legit. Knowing Apple, we figure by tomorrow will be blacklisted from the Apple Store’s Wi-Fi base stations.

54 Responses to “Apple Store displaying Jail broken iPhone”
  1. steve says:

    actually, it’s probably just staged. bring your own dock and USB cord along with jailbroken iphone, hide the end of cord behind iphone info display. take picture. done!

  2. Peter says:

    So….. What in the he;ll am i supposed to be looking at?

    I know i’m not that much of a n00b to be totally bedazzled…



  3. Rob Schultz says:

    Peter, the fresh-from-the-factory iPhones only have one icon on the 4 row of icons…while this one has two. The picture is supposed to indicate that some jailbreak-ed this iPhone in an Apple store by going to

    Pretty wild!

  4. Jason says:

    This is photoshopped because if you look at the itunes store icon it is on the left side of the screen. The iTunes icon should be on the right edge of the screen. So whoever photoshopped it messed up the icon location. Fake.


  5. The Hendry says:


    When an iPhone is Jail Broken, you can move the order and position of iCons around.

  6. Will says:

    Thats real. There’s no reason to go through the trouble of faking it. Anyone can do it. It take about 25 seconds. Plus, that is the default icon order for a jailbroken 1.1.1 iPhone. The iTunes store moves over to the left and is followed by the Installer app.

    If you want to do this in your Apple store pick up an iPhone, open Safari, go to and follow the on screen instructions.

  7. Ji says:

    Obviously someone has connected to from this iphone… LOL

  8. Brian says:

    I have no reason to not believe this isnt real since, like someone else pointed out, you can jailbreak the iphone in less than 1 minute from just one website w/ no programming ability whatsoever…

  9. duude…seriously, get a life!

  10. It's Real says:

    Totally real – I did the same thing at the Michigan Ave. store in Chicago.

  11. Marc says:

    You guys are dorks…

  12. dan says:

    lol, look at the top right corner. it’s plugged in, but not charging? someone obviously brought their own phone to apple, set it in their dock (which isnt charging), and took a picture.

  13. Coil says:

    I see zero evidence that this iphone is actually on display at an ‘Apple Store’. How hard would it be to print out or steal the product sheets and stage your own photo session on your own furniture in your office and then post a picture as authentic?

  14. dieboldcracy says:

    maybe some dude went on to that website you can jailbreak from now, straight to the phone and then snapped a pic…?

  15. CATSCEO says:

    Look at the reflection on the wall, it shows the back of the iPhone with the protecter on it. Seems real.

  16. AppleFanBoi says:

    Fake… Like a display would have SMS text messages waiting.

  17. iphoneprone says:

    No necessarily fake at all. Now, all you have to do to jailbreak your iPhone is go to It exploits the .tiff vulnerability to automatically install with only one click. So if that iPhone has wifi access in the Apple store, allowing customers to be able to checkout the internet features on their own, then anyone could do this. Store displays are sometimes hooked up to the phone network, so sending/receiving txts wouldnt be absurd.

    Or a much better explanation is that an iPhone owner walked in and just stuck his own jail-broken phone into the dock. Explains the txt messages.

  18. Mr. Doug says:

    I wish they’d installed SummerBoard and changed the theme to Leopard…that would have taken another 45sec, and raised a LOT of eyebrows!

  19. Microcolt says:

    I want to belive that its real, but i dont think it is because if the following:

    – not charging
    – reflection on the botton of the price tag
    – background

    The one thing that boggles my mind though is what did he take the picture with if it was not his iPhone?

  20. anthonymckay says:

    You guys are idiots…as already stated, if you go to it does it all for you. would be a lot easier than going into the store with your own dock, etc.

    also. LOOK AT THE REFLECTION ON THE BLACK THING TO THE UPPER LEFT OF THE PIC!!! you can see the security device that is attatched to the iphone to keep people from stealing it.

  21. dennis says:

    if you look at a display iphone, they have sms messages from people like john appleseed. The phone numbers are like 1(555)123-4567 and such. I was wondering who could be txting a display phones so i checked. This was at the Sacramento ca apple store.

  22. Mybarrier says:

    This is totally legit. The person used to do it from the iPhone.

    Once the springboard (display) has been hacked, the iTunes store shifts to the left.

  23. John S says:

    So what, you can walk into a Apple store pop your dock and iPhone down and take a picture. Because you certainly do not think anyone will believe Apple is doing this do you?
    You have to wonder if any of these kids will grow up and become productive in society or will they just muck around trying to force things to their thinking. They never want to work to get change the right way it’s always got to be their way.

  24. whit says:

    FAKE!!!! There is no security cable connected… (which is a second white cable attached to the back…and you would see to white cables running behind the dock…) Its just someone elses ipod in an apple store dock…

  25. lmao says:

    John S. I take it you haven’t watched their old commercials, talking about how they at one point used to encourage people who didn’t accept the status quo and thought outside the box.

    Apparently to you that commercial means, bend over, accept it and adopt it as normal. If companies want to lock down their phones, there will always be people around to reverse it because they like choice.

    Yeah, these kids need to grow up, they need to learn even more security bypassing methods so they can make dinosaurs like you obsolete and kick you to the curb so properly enlightened technology individuals can be in a position of control instead of people clinging for survival.

  26. pbomers says:

    That top photo was taken by a local photographer I know. That is our local Apple store and I can vouch for the photo. I was in the store yesterday and it was like that.

  27. Joe says:

    You guys are dumb. Why not belive it? the Iphones are completly functional in the apple store someone could have txted a friend cuz their fone died and thats just a reply. Dude you can see the security cable and everything and then the iphone ads as well. Why even consider that its photoshoped?

  28. Kevin says:

    Jason – When a jailbroken phone gets an app added to it, the itunes icon moves itself to the left side of the screen.
    The reflection of the security device is clearly visible.
    Whit – there ARE two white cables. The cables are wiretied together just behind the dock. I know, I worked at an apple store, that’s how it’s done. Follow the pics through to Flickr and you can see the full-sized versions and to cables are clearly seen. Oh – and learn how to spell…
    Why WOULDN’T there be SMS messages waiting? it’s a display phone – it happens al lthe time. Once in awhile, one even receives an incoming call.
    Apple encourages customers to play, so anybody would have plenty of time to jailbreak one and customize it all they want.
    When the phone’s done charging, the battery icon turns back to normal.
    Duh, you can take a picture with something other than an iphone…
    Sheez all you noobs need to stop debating and just have a good laugh. It’s funny. End of discussion? thought so. 🙂

  29. Asstec says:


  30. Stan says:


    You must be blind. There are two white cables running from the back of that ipod. I’m not saying that the picture isn’t faked, I’m just saying that you’re blind.

  31. Jobo says:

    Hey, the security cable can be seen from the reflection in the first picture! It’s for real!

  32. Anonymous says:

    who cares if it’s fake, its still funny

  33. Anon says:

    This is stupid. No one cares.

  34. filecat13 says:

    Wow! Really cool! This guy’s a daring genius, an anti-hero, a mini-god. Someone tell me where he lives so I can go over and tag his house and car, maybe etch funny sayings on his windows.

    Then I can put the photos up on a tagger site and get some real street cred instead of this slacker hacker lazy bulls++t.

  35. Idle says:

    Hell, it could have been one of the store employees doing this before or after the store was open. Half of them have probably hacked their own iPhones anyway.

  36. Dave says:

    With Jailbreak having become so easy to do from the phone itself, I figure this was only inevitable… I wonder how quickly it’ll be before Apple commands the stores to restore all those phones and block the jailbreak website.

  37. mike says:

    Actually the store models have a shit load of sms and even more voicemails. At least they did in the Cambridge Store.

  38. Max Shanly says:

    Hehe but I’m still disappointed, I was planning on doing the same thing to the iPod touch’ at my local Apple Store. Now I’ve lost originality, I’ll still end in photos though.

  39. JailBreakMe.Com is a great web site for all iPhone and iPod lovers who want to install third party applications on their iPhones/iPods. With the help of this site, it is a matter of single click to release all the locks and security restrictions implemented by Apple on iPhone/iPods to disallow third party applications.

  40. anon says:

    well i whent into the apple store in the uk 2 times this week each time jailbreaking all there touches and the second time they had replaced all but one of the touches from the previous session of jailbreaking but i asked one af the apple store guys what it was (the installer icon) and he told me that it was an application that could be put on to allow the running of 3rd party apps and gave me a very brief demo. then i left. so didnt see what they did to all the other touches

  41. says:

    FBI Here, you’re all under arrest for organized crime and conspiracy.

  42. Dowell Jack Conning says:

    Actually, I didn’t have a camera on me at the time but in the Apple Store at the Trafford center in Manchester (UK) there was an iPod Touch with extra icons on it’s desktop. Each app instantly crashed or failed to launch, but it was very strange to see it there.

  43. Brian says:

    Wow… never thought this would be as big a deal as it turned out to be. I was the one who took the picture of the iPhone at the apple store in Grand Rapids, Mi that is linked above.

    No, it is not photoshopped. I would hope someone would have more of a life than to stage a picture like that.

    Yes, it is actually an apple phone that was hacked, I went to and was done in about a minute. I was going to install the leopard theme, but someone came over and started asking me about the extra icon.

    The reason I tried it out was to see if the display phones they had out would even work with, they did, so I took a picture because I thought it was funny.

    Lets all move on with our lives now, shall we?

  44. Brian says:

    Does anyone else feel slightly scared that by clicking a link in safari you give away root access to your whole phone?

  45. Brian says:

    also, I was the one who took the top picture.

    No it was not photoshopped, I would hope someone would have more of a life than to go through that much of a hassle.

    I really don’t see why this is such a big deal, it’s pretty damn easy to do. I just wanted to see if they would have that site blacklisted on their phones, they didn’t so I did the install and took a picture.

    How about we all move on with our lives now?

  46. Dylan says:

    “No it was not photoshopped, I would hope someone would have more of a life than to go through that much of a hassle.”

    I would think people would have more of a life than to find this entertaining.

  47. anon says:

    the ones (ok all of them in store) in the trafford centre were me and they all worked when i left on monday so unless its someone else who has messed with it then its wasnt my fault. i altered the backgrounds and everything on most of the touches i did and one of the apple employees gave me a demo lol after asking him about the icon

  48. gizmopeepoo says:

    Who The He11 Cares. It’s jailbroken, it’s not. it doesn’t freakin matter.
    Get A Freagin’ 1ife. you bunch of dorkafagus’ ID10Ts

  49. Bastard Operator From Hell says:

    Why the hell are you taking up space on the internet with your shit? Low Scum!

  50. Zak says:

    As a matter of fact when i visited the apple store, they had a jailbroken ipod touch on display. Later on I also visited Best Buy and their ipod touch was also jailbroken

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