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Headed to Iraq? The Vcommunicator Mobile turns your iPod into an Arabic translator

Remember a few months back that iPod that saved a soldier’s life by making the ultimate sacrifice? Well, there’s a new iPod accessory out now that aims to keep both you and your iPod out of harm’s way so neither of you have to take a bullet while vacationing in Iraq this winter.

The Vcommunicator Mobile by Vcom3D is a hardware/software combination that works to transform your iPod into an Arabic translator, with a twist. Described as “a tactical language and cultural knowledge mission aid”, the Vcom mobile is not simply a standard text-only dictionary (although it does provide phonetic translations if you’d like) – it can actually speak selected phrases for you via its built-in speaker to help minimize something important getting “lost in the translation”.

The Vcom can also show you 3D animations of appropriate cultural gestures to use while speaking via an animated 3D soldier (such as the Macarena).

There are built-in scenarios to help you navigate, such as “Vehicle Checkpoint”. Select that, and you are presented with a list of phrases such as “Open the Door”, “We need to check your vehicle”, “Peace be upon you”, all designed to stop communication failures before they spiral out of control.

Right now the 10th Mountain Division soldiers in Iraq have 160 Vcom-equipped iPods and a new iPod Nano-compatible version is slated for release in the near future. Odds are despite the smaller screen, the flash based models with hold up a bit better than their hard drive-based bigger brothers.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader TheWarpedOne for the tip.

Via Defense Tech.

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