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One iPhone app to rule them all


Before Apple’s infamous iPhone update 1.1.1, a pretty healthy industry had sprung up focused on bringing a host of apps and missing functionality to the iPhone’s mobile OS X.

But now that it has become a somewhat more risky proposition to jailbreak your iPhone and start loading apps, folks are looking for a safer way to get all the functionality of their favorite apps on to their mobile OS X devices. Well, worry no more, because there is now a single iPhone web app that can take the place of virtually every other app รขโ‚ฌโ€œ and that app is, of course, the iEightBall.

One App to rule them all

iEightBall utilizes your iPhone’s motion sensor to “shake” a virtual Magic Eight Ball, giving you unprecedented access to knowledge while on the go.

Despite its simple interface, with a little love, the iEightBall can mimic the functionality of pretty much any other app. It’s all in how you ask your questions. For instance, if you want to check what time a certain movie is playing near you, simply give the iEightBall a range of times, and begin narrowing it down via “yes” or “No” options. And example would be:

You: “Is 3:10 to Yuma playing at my local theater?” (shake)
iEightBall: “IT IS CERTAIN”
You: “Is it playing before 3 PM? (shake)
iEightBall: “DON’T COUNT ON IT”
You: “How about before 5 PM?” (shake)
iEightBall: “YES.”
You: ” Is it playing after 4:30 PM?” (shake)
You: “Is it playing after 4:30 PM?” (shake)
iEightBall: “DON’T COUNT ON IT.”
You: “Is it playing after 4:00 PM?” (shake)
iEightBall: “OUTLOOK GOOD.”
You: “Is it playing after 4:15 PM?” (shake)
iEightBall: “YES.”
You: “Is it playing at 4:20 PM?” (shake)


Once you get the hang of asking all questions in “Yes” or “No” fashion, you’ll find that iEightBall can do just about anything, from giving you your favorite team’s sports scores, to the weather. The only conceivable downside is that since the iEightBall is a web app, you’ll need an internet connection to tap its vast knowledge database (sorry iPod touch users, you’ll need to first go find a Starbucks). On the plus-side, this assures you that the iEightBall is future proof against new iPhone firmware updates. To play it safe, I double-checked this using the iEightBall itself, and was assured the “OUTLOOK” was “GOOD” that it would continue to function properly forever.

I can’t recommend the iEightBall highly enough. I know the app has certainly changed my life for the better, and even saved me money. No longer do I have to worry that the I am buying the lowest priced gas near me. I now know long before I even pull up to the pump that it is “DECIDEDLY SO.” Check out the iEightBall today, and free yourself from dark specter of bricking your iPhone in order to gain features the iPhone should have shipped with.

5 Responses to “One iPhone app to rule them all”
  1. Rob Schultz says:

    Great…just when I was about to put my iPhone down for today…

  2. crystal says:

    do u actually have to speak, or do you type somewhere or is it just a joke…I am so sadly confused

  3. Steve says:

    sadly, I tried this on my iPod touch, and it didn’t work!!! I just got a message telling me to use iEightball with my phone ๐Ÿ™

  4. Jason says:

    Next, we need a virtual ouija board.

  5. Joe says:

    I just tried with my iPod Touch and it works. I guess they fixed it.

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