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Review: WaterField’s iPhone / iPod Travel Case

waterfield designsAvailable in 6 colors and 3 sizes, the WaterField iPod/iPhone cases provide stylish (and pricey) travel protection for your gear.

WaterField is quickly becoming one of my favorite iPhone case makers. I’m almost at the point now that I think I could tell a WaterField case from another manufacturer’s based solely on the quality of the stitching – these things are that well made. Their iPhone/iPod Travel Case is the latest offering I’ve had the pleasure of testing out.

waterfield designs

The cases come in 3 sizes and 6 colors, and range in price from $35 to $39. I happen to be testing the small sized version in brown, which nicely compliments my Shrek-green iPhone. Aside from size, the small and medium are essentially the same, while the large model has an extra side zipper pocket, as well as one additional large and small interior pocket.

waterfield designsWaterField’s cases can hold your iPhone or iPod, as well as all the “necessary evils” that go along with them.

Each case is water resistant, and has a textured rubber base to help keep it from sliding off airline tray tables, or out of your hand. Inside the fully padded walls are different compartments designed to hold your iPod or iPhone, as well as accessories such as headphones, wall/car chargers, FM Tuners, and cables. The case is a great idea for frequent travelers who want quick access to their iPods and iPhones while traveling, but don’t want to simply throw them in their carry on bag.

The sides of the case have a semi-rigid padding and the interior compartments are lined with a soft felt-like material to keep your precious cargo scratch-free. There are two larger compartments that run the length of the case for holding iPods, iPhones, and larger accessories, and 2 smaller pouches large enough to hold the iPod’s wall outlet charger, or cables and earbuds. The larger compartments are not designed to match the exact dimensions of the iPhone or iPod, so there is the possibility your iPod could slide a bit if you were on a ship in rough seas, but odds are the most that would happen is your iPod would come out a little cleaner than it went in, having rubbed along the felt walls a bit.

waterfield designsAbove: The bottom and sides have a textured rubber coating to keep your stuff dry and help minimize accidental drops.


There’s not much to find fault with here, as the only real question is whether you have the type of lifestyle that would warrant such a case. This is not an everyday iPhone case, this is designed for travelers, or those people who perhaps find themselves for one reason or another having to carry various iPod accessories such as video cables or power adapters with them on a regular basis.

Personally, I lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle so I perhaps don’t use it as intended. I actually keep it in my messenger bag I carry to work, stuffed with an extra charging cable, iPod power supply, and video cable. My bag is such a mess I would never be able to find these things if not kept together, tangle-free inside this “bag in a bag”. I find I rarely keep my iPod or iPhone in it though, as in general, I almost always have it in my pocket, especially the iPhone. Still, it is a great way to keep your peripherals together even if not traveling. Many is the time I have torn through the house cursing, trying to find the iPod’s video cable (especially now that they’re so darn expensive!).

waterfield designsAbove: The case is extremely well made, and will likely last long enough to carry your next couple of iPhones.


WaterField has been making some great quality cases for a wide raneg of Apple gear over the years (there’s even an Apple Hi-Fi case!) and their craftsmanship has always been top notch. Their iPhone/iPod Travel Case is another very solid and stylish offering, providing a great way to manage your iPod/iPhone gear when on the go. If you are an active iPod traveler with a need to carry along all the various chargers and accessories, check out WaterField’s cases.

waterfield designs

Price: $35-$39

Pros: Well built, multiple colors and sizes, different sized interior compartments can hold just about any iPod accessory you’re likely to need

Cons: Non significant

4 Responses to “Review: WaterField’s iPhone / iPod Travel Case”
  1. Simeon says:

    Thanks for the review- these cases look fantastic. I am going to New Zealand for a year so the Large size will be perfect to stay organized!

  2. Yong Hwee says:

    Pretty useful! Will check it out when I get my iPhone.

  3. iowill says:

    We use the iPod travel case to hold the iPod, a recording mic rig, power supply, cords, cables, and instructions on laminated card….this is what we use to package PodCast Kits for students to use on course projects.

    Great, bomber gear. Made in SFO, too. Great customer service and support.

  4. Thanks for the nice review. The cases are looking fantastic !

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