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I don’t even have it and my new MacBook already has a problem

When Apple announced their revised MacBooks Thursday, true to my word, I successfully tricked the Bride of Macenstein into thinking it was a good idea for me to have one. I placed my order for a slightly customized version of their low-end “combo drive” system (Apple’s greatest shame is that they even offer the combo drive anymore) with 2 GB of RAM and 160 GB drive. Due to these additions, I now face a week-long wait for the unit to ship, but I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.


According to MacScoop, my new MacBook may be arriving with an almost undetectable but potentially fatal tumor. Just 4 days after launch, and Apple has already issued a tech support bulletin in regard to some “performance and display issues” that plague the new i965 chipset used in the portables.

Odds are even if my machine is directly affected, I won’t notice as I bought it for a blogging computer, and the problems seem to show up during “intense 3D gaming”, which I would never think to do on a MacBook anyway.

But the fact is it has now begun to drizzle on my parade. It’s a bit like being excited over the arrival of a new baby, and then having the doctor tell you it was born without an appendix. You can’t tell anything’s wrong, but the knowledge is always there in the back of your mind…

Or maybe it’s not anything like that.

Anyway, from the bulletin it is not immediately apparent whether this is a hardware issue or merely something a firmware update will be able to address – all we know is “Apple is actively working on potential solutions to MacBook graphics issues.” Hopefully the solution will be something easier than an appendix implant.

4 Responses to “I don’t even have it and my new MacBook already has a problem”
  1. Neil says:

    If there is one thing I have found as a Mac user, it is that they are not as perfect as I would lead my friends to believe that they are. But despite imperfections, Apple always stands behind them with rock solid support. At least, that is my experience. If your new “baby” comes with some glitches, I’m sure you’ll see a fix shortly.

  2. Dinofond says:


    tell the 1932 people who have encountered the macbook RSS issue about the “rock solid support” apple provides(macbookrandomshutdown.com). Apples support has become terrible in the last 3 years and yes I understand the company is having growing pains. This year I have had 4 customers who had there system board die during the firmware update less then a year out of warranty. Apples answer is “buy apple care next time k bye.”

    I am having trouble getting the “Rock solid support” statement with open arms. My experiences as a technician are leading me to believe otherwise.

  3. JD says:

    I hope your macbook arrives trouble free, I have sent back TWO new 24″ iMacs and was on the phone to Apple Support for two days for a total of 7 hours….not a good weekend. What happened to Apple support?????
    Let’s hope you wont need to call……

  4. Rogier says:

    Why be blinded by the negative things, nothing is perfect!
    Just get the APP and let Apple take care of it, IF you MIGHT have a PROBLEM.

    Look to the positve side, hope you are not looking to your life partner in the same manner…

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