Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (Nov 2007): Jessie - Macenstein

Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (Nov 2007): Jessie

Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”.

Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we present you with the lovely, Jessie , a talented NY-based dancer and actress, and of course, a die-hard Mac Chick!

Jessie Coleman

Born in a small town in upstate NY, Jessie’s family had their own funeral home business that had been up and running since the 1800’s, but the tradition may come to a close with her and her brother’s decision to continue in a career of their dreams. Jessie’s being to move to NYC to peruse a career in the entertainment industry.

Jessie Coleman

After landing in “the Big Apple” (no pun intended) , acquiring a degree in dance, and putting vocal training on hold, she made the decision to focus mainly on a career in acting. “I think as far as my career goes, I’ve not only taken the stairs, but I’ve run up the down escalator (laughs). It seems to have paid off as things are moving along quite well for me at the moment with lots to look forward to”.

Jessie Coleman

Jessie can now be seen in Nickelback’s Rock Star music video, a few episodes of Primetime‘s “What Would You Do?” segments as the lead in a hidden camera experiment, a reporter for a Maxim online segment, an upcoming episode of Law and Order SVU as “Jodie” (a Mormon nanny who meets her demise), and in a new ad campaign for “David and Young” designs.

Jessie Coleman

“NYC is fantastic, but it’s so much greater put to music. I was so addicted to my iPod that I made the decision to give it up for a week. It was the worst idea I have ever come up with! I have to have music with me wherever I go,” Jessie says. “Right now I’m totally into Matt Nathanson’s new record ‘Some Mad Hope’. it’s pretty much been on repeat since I got it. I’m also diggin Kings of Leon and Ryan Adams a lot at the moment.”

Name: Jessie
Age: don’t ask a lady =)
Location: NYC
Occupation: pavement pounder
First Apple product you bought: shuffle…and I still have it
Favorite Apple Gear: video ipod
Favorite non-Apple Gear: my video camera
Favorite TV Shows: Reno 911, Simpsons, Family Guy, Rock of Love, I Love New York
Favorite Movies:Moon Over Miami, Wizard of Oz, Red Violin, Sleepy Hollow
Favorite Bands: I’ve wanted to meet Mike Love of the Beach Boys since I was 9, Matt Nathanson, Kings of Leon, Washington Social Club, Johnny Lives, The Sounds, Third Eye Blind, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Year Long Disaster, Elliot Smith, Ryan Adams, Wolfmother, Arctic monkeys, The Clash, The Band, The White stripes, Jeff Buckley, etc etc….
Hobbies: singing, playing the guitar…….badly, tae bo, scary movies, eating icecream, I’ve been to the top 5 most “haunted” places looking for ghosts….no, really. and I haven’t ever seen anything.
Pets: I’ve grown up with golden retrievers. Sarah, Jenny, and Nellie

Jessie Coleman

“With all of the cool new Mac stuff that’s coming out I may be a bit lame in saying that I still love my first product, my shuffle. So perfect for working out. I’m completely not careful with it by any means, it’s been pretty much abused and can handle all the dropping and stepping on it that I can manage”.

Jessie Coleman

“I’m in love with my Mac. I make a lot of movies, pretty much that would be of no interest to anyone but myself but it’s a huge hobby that I picked up. I make pretty bad shorts out of boredom with my brother or my friends but iMovie has fed my inner nerd with lots of entertainment.”

Jessie Coleman

To see more of Jessie, visit her at:
All Photos by Adam Raia Photography

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14 Responses to “Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (Nov 2007): Jessie”
  1. The Hendry says:

    Very pretty. Kind of Cameron Diaz-ish in the desktop photo.
    when’s her L&O episode air?

  2. Pimpbot says:

    mmm.. a mormon nanny… HOT!

  3. Jason says:

    so cute! I love she comes from a funeral home family. that automatically means she has a sense of humor.

  4. Marcus says:

    its Elliott Smith

  5. h to the j says:

    I just want to say once again that the Mac chick of the Month feature is the best thing ever.

  6. Juan says:

    Come on guys: give us all the shots at desktop resolution. She’s awesome!

    As for the funeral directors reference: don’t even get me started on the red haired daughter in Six Feet Under…

  7. Macky Mc MacFan says:

    adorable. I always wondered why Apple sent you those little stickers.

  8. Mark says:

    check out her cadaver shot (I assume for L&O)
    bot left
    not hot, but cool.

  9. Tice says:

    @ The Hendry: That was also my first impression. She has this shelmish Cameron Diaz smile on that one photo ; )

  10. A Bomb says:

    Easily the best Mack Chick so far. Way Hot.

  11. hotness robot (running OS X) says:

    Soooooo hot.

  12. mcj says:

    3rd eye blind? really?

  13. adam says:

    where is Decembers Mac Chick?

  14. joe says:

    very nice

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