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The least successful sign in history?

I came across this Flickr pic of a Clearwater, Florida Verizon store on Digg, and just had to share.

Hmmm… Freudian slip? It actually seems to say “see and sell your iPhone here.” Perhaps Verizon employees want to buy iPhones?

I’m actually curious as to what would happen if someone were to attempt to go in and “cancel their iPhone.” Does that sign mean they will just smash your iPhone with a hammer? I assume the geniuses at this store meant to say, “cancel your AT&T service here”, but in either case, I would guess Verizon isn’t going to pay your early termination fees for switching service.

Nevertheless, I am planning my Clearwater, Florida road trip as we speak. A sign that convincing cannot be ignored.

2 Responses to “The least successful sign in history?”
  1. Dorian. says:

    Did some investigating.
    and they actually do not cancel your phone but lure you into looking at some of there new additions.
    They also state that they can port your number in hours.

    I live Lakeland, FL which is not too far from that particular Clearwater shop.

  2. Billy says:

    Lame. Fucking lame!

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