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#15 is of course the most impressive

Much like climbers of Mt. Everest, sometimes you just have to do things because you can. Faithful Macenstein reader Craig Fine sent us a screen shot we found pretty cool. It wasn’t all that long ago that running even a quarter of this simultaneously wasn’t possible (well, except for #15).

Why did I do this? Cause I can!

In the picture above, I am running the following:
1- OS X
2- Windows XP Pro
3- Linux Ubuntu “Gutsy Gibbon” Version 7.10
4- iTunes
5- Pages (Apple’s equivalent to Word/MS Publisher all in one)
6- iTunes Sound Enhancer Plug In
7- Quicksilver-A free application utility for Mac
8- Apple’s Mail Program
9- Outlook 2003
10- Microsoft Explorer
11- Firefox
12- Safari 3.0
13- Beta Software for Mac Called “Bento”
14- iChat
15- A virus in Wndows
16- AVG Virus protection
17- Yahoo Messenger
18- Script Editor Program
19- CPU monitoring program
20- Dashboard

We found # 15 most impressive, although it doesn’t speak well for AVG. Craig claims Windows’ multi-tasking is allowing it to run 2 Trojan horses (“Generic9.AGXT” and “Small.2.BC”) at the same time, plus multiple pop ups.

4 Responses to “#15 is of course the most impressive”
  1. Brice says:

    thats the advantage of Windows! Multi-tasking means that you can run 2 virusses at the same time !

  2. Riluske says:

    Cool cool. But what mac is this? Is it the macbook? Macbook pro? I see the harddrive is 120gb, so not a mac pro?

  3. pace says:

    Running the viruses is impressive. I was able, accidentally, to get Activity Monitor to display a 16 exabyte memory process without the machine bursting into flames:

    You can see just the image of the process info from Activity Monitor at the following location:

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