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Ahrrrghh! Even Pirates be loving the iPhone!

Above: We’re not sure why these sailing gloves don’t have index finger and thumbs, but they’ll sure come in “handy”.

As temperatures across the country drop to below freezing, dialing your iPhone has become a hazardous prospect. Due to the iPhone and iPod touch’s need for physical contact with your exposed skin, placing a call or scrolling through music tracks requires you first remove your gloves, risking frostbite and (shudder) dry skin. Well, faithful Macenstein reader El Guapo came across what he thinks might just be the perfect iPhone gloves.

SCTI Development writes that a company called Mauri Pro Sailing sells a wide range of sailing gloves that (for reasons that escape us land lubbers) are missing the tip of the index finger and thumb. Perhaps these are for intermediate sailors who have not yet lost a full hand (and subsequently replaced it with a hook, of course) and have only lost a couple finger tips so far. But whatever the reason, their “loss” is our gain! These sailing gloves start at around $26 and come in a wide range of colors,thicknesses and styles. We recommend you order yours today, before next year’s snapping turtle brood hatches, and these babies sell out!

4 Responses to “Ahrrrghh! Even Pirates be loving the iPhone!”
  1. Brock Tice says:

    Ever tried untying a knot with a glove on? It’s pretty hard. That’s why the thumb and forefinger tips are exposed.

  2. Rowlings says:

    knots are so 19th century.

  3. Jonro says:

    Living in South Florida, I haven’t given any thought to the hazards of dialing a phone in the frigid North. Considering the size of the keys on most cell phones, I would imagine that you would have to remove your gloves to dial most of them manually. If there were a significant market for it, I’d design a touchscreen manipulator that you could use with gloves.

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