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“First Mac Chick” photo’s origin revealed

Remember last month when we published this mysteriously dated looking photo, purportedly of an Apple ad circa 1990 for a Mac Classic? Well, those of you who doubted its authenticity can stand a little taller tonight, as the photographer/genius behind the photo has revealed himself, and it turns out the photo is circa July 2007 (hey, we were only 17 years off – which is probably longer than that model has been alive…) 🙂

Photographer Tim Melideo came up with the idea for the photo while shooting model Wendy McColm at his apartment. “She came over and saw the Mac I had and wanted to incorporate it [into a shoot]. So then I decided to put all those floppies on the wall as a background and shoot her in the dress. Then, when I saw the pics, I thought it would make a great Mac ad, so I made the colors all brown and green so it looks kind of like a scan from an old magazine, and popped the Apple logo in there. I submitted it to Digg and stuff as a real Mac ad, to see peoples reactions. So when I saw it on your site, and saw people debating over it, I thought I did my job well.”

So, there you have it folks. The pic is indeed a fake, but don’t worry. Tim claims he’s a true Mac head, and is working on something special for us. “I am a Mac fan for sure, writing this from my MacBook Pro, while watching EyeTV on my Mac mini, and in the distance is my girlfriend’s iMac, lol. And of course I have that classic Mac, and an old G4 tower. I was actually going to take some pics with my girlfriend and submit them to your Mac Chick of the Month thing, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.”


Judging from Tim’s work (check it out here, or on Flickr) he’s going to do a bang up job if WHEN he gets around to those shots. We can’t wait! (oh, and you can see more of Wendy here, and on YouTube.)

4 Responses to ““First Mac Chick” photo’s origin revealed”
  1. Peter says:

    Hmmm, I think that Tim’s Girlfriend (hotness pending) should be the next Macenstein Mac-Chick of the month.

    Any takers?

  2. Lewe says:

    I think now that we finally found the genious behind this, it’s the right time to ask him for a wallpaper sized version of this wonderful picture….! Pretty please!

  3. Way ahead of you , Lewe, and working on it.
    -The Doc

  4. Mugsy says:

    The real question on everyones mind is where’s the next Mac Chick??

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