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OK, This is getting REALLY annoying

Anyone out there figure out way to mark all messages as “read” in the iPhone’s e-mail app yet? Or to delete more than one message at a time?

Looking very much forward to 1.1.3… 🙁

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  1. RicoSuave says:

    Mark the messages as read in Mail on your mac and sync. Make sure your gmail account is IMAPed!

  2. And if I’m not using Gmail, or I’m away from my computer…?

  3. Steiner says:


    is the site you need to look at, You can use Gmail for any pop email account and then manage the account online or in mail.app.

    hope that this helps.

  4. KirkSandall says:

    All decent mail servers support IMAP, not just GMAIL, and it’s far superior to POP. If you’re running your own server it’s fairly straightforward to add IMAP if it isn’t there already. If you’re using a hosted service and IMAP isn’t included you should switch providers.

  5. darrell says:

    keep in mind that gmail doesn’t fetch POP emails at a consistent rate. sometimes it takes 23 minutes – sometimes 3 hours. and hitting the get mail button in mail doesn’t force the fetch either. as far as i’ve tested – gmail only manually fetches when you hit the ‘check now’ buttons under Settings/Accounts.

    not that i think its a bad idea though. i love my IMAP mail.

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