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Review: TightJacket for MacBook/iPod/iPhone


In the overcrowded gadget-protector market, sometimes the simplest solution is the hardest to see. While most case manufacturers seek to protect your expensive device by hiding it under layers of rubber and reinforced plastic, designer Terry Wilson decided to take a softer approach. Terry’s TightJacket sleeves are simple “pull-over” style covers that can fit pretty much any laptop, or any rectangular object, for that matter.

Made from unused bolts of spandex (largely left over from swimsuit manufacturers), the TightJacket offers a unique scratch resistant slipcase for your laptop in a variety of unique patterns. At first glance the TightJacket seems to be little more than a glorified pillowcase, but thanks to some fairly unique sewing tricks, the double-lined slipcase cover actually proves itself to be more than a fashion accessory.

Above: The TightJacket and mini TightJacket.

Using the TightJacket is about as simple as you’d expect; just slide your laptop into the case and fold the TightJacket’s flap down to secure it in place. Because of Spandex’s inherent desire to contract, the TightJacket sucks your laptop in and keeps it from sliding out unintentionally. I did a quick “shake test” and the TightJacket does indeed keep your laptop from falling out, even when upside down, so you don’t need to worry about it accidentally spilling out while running to class. Of course, while the TightJacket can be used solo, it works best when used inside a book bag or standard laptop case.

Above: The selection of fabrics used to make the TightJacket are constantly changing. Click here to view them all.


The only real problem with the TightJacket is that while it provides excellent protection against scratches, it of course it does not really provide any degree of shock absorption in the event of a fall. Despite the relatively secure hold the TightJacket has on your laptop, the case can slide a bit around your laptop, so drops are possible if you aren’t careful. For total protection, TightJacket’s makers recommend placing the TightJacket inside a backpack or other bag for long trips.

The only other potential issue some folks may have (mainly the men out there) is that since the TightJacket is made largely from left over women’s swimsuit material, many of the nearly 90 fabric choices are a bit “girly”, although they do offer some solid colors, such as orange and a “manly” black. Despite being a bit “10.4” I chose the Tiger print which actually has a plush, furry feel to it (most of the traditional spandex patterns do not), and have gotten many compliments (again, mainly from the ladies). Terry says she is actively searching for a good OS 10.5-esque “Leopard” print to work with.

I also found the mini TightJacket, while very cute, was a little hard to slide off my iPhone quickly when I received a call. I would suggest the mini is better suited to protecting an iPod than an iPhone, but I am sure with practice you can be come quite adept at opening it. Of course, no matter which device you put inside, access to the controls is not possible.

Above: Awww… My MacBook and its cub.


Originally designed by a longtime Mac user for her own 12-inch PowerBook, the TightJacket is a great way to spice up the look of your laptop and help keep it scratch-free. The vibrant fabrics and patterns are certainly eye catching conversation starters, and they provide a great way to protect your laptop when thrown into a crowded backpack, rushing between classes. I would think the TightJacket would make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season, especially for the Mac chick in your life. With nearly 90 patterns to choose from (and more added monthly) the TightJacket is a great way to add both scratch protection and a much needed splash of color to your MacBook.

TightJacket for MacBook/iPod/iPhone

Price: $24.99 and up, depending on size and fabric

Pros: Stylish, colorful, and unique scratch protection for you MacBook or iPod, over 90 patterns to choose from, can be used as a hat in cold weather 🙂

Cons: No protection from falls, requires a secondary bag of some sort for total protection, mini TightJacket is cute but blocks access to controls of iPods and iPhones

2 Responses to “Review: TightJacket for MacBook/iPod/iPhone”
  1. Jake says:

    Cool! now I can use my Macbook as a pillow as I sleep through class!

  2. Jake,
    I think the fuzzy Tiger case is likely the softest TightJacket, and it’s not all that gushy. Although, depending on how boring your class was, it might not matter.

    -The Doc

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