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We have a winner!

win a free nintendo wii

Or should we say “Wiiner”? (No, “winner” was right, I think).

We’d like to thank all of you who came out to play our “Wii Give You a Wii” Contest. It was a huge success, and while we wish we had enough Wii’s for all of you, in the end (much like Highlander) there can be only one. (Maybe if AOL gets off its ass and buys us out we can give out a couple hundred of these next year.)

Anyway, back to the contest. As most of you who played discovered, our secret code phrase was “BE SURE TO DRINK YOUR OVALTINE”, an homage to the secret decoder ring phrase allegedly given out during the Little Orphan Annie radio show, and immortalized in the classic movie “A Christmas Story” which runs ad nauseam on TNT each year.

The competition really picked up towards the final day, and we ended up with about 200 correct answers from which to randomly choose our winner. So who won? Well, none other than Natalie C. from Philadelphia, PA.

Congratulations, Natalie! Close to 200 people now hate you. We’re shipping out your Wii today, and we hope you and all of Macenstein’s readers, have a great holiday! Thanks for playing!

5 Responses to “We have a winner!”
  1. chuck D says:

    I hate Natalie

  2. joe m says:

    yeah, i hate that natalie as well

  3. ste7en says:

    yep same here.

  4. Keith says:

    Okay, somebody’s gotta say it – congrats, Natalie, and happy holidays!

  5. jim bob says:

    i hate keith and natalie.

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