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ColorWare now painting MacBook Airs for “only” $710

Finally, you can get your all-black MacBook Air. For a price.

I love my ColorWare-painted iPhone, and it has held up extremely well over the past 6 months – not a scratch on it – but I’m not sure even I would drop an extra $710 to get my MacBook Air painted (if I had one). Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t waste hours of my time playing with their online color picker!

Somehow the lime green doesn’t look as cool here as it does on my iPhone…

Looks like Orange and Black are the way to go!

ColorWare has over 35 colors to choose from, and you can choose to paint as much or as little of your MacBook Air as you want (or can afford to). Options include the frame, hinges, palm rest, button, bottom, and logo, and you can throw in a matching (or not) Mighty mouse as well for another $20.

2 Responses to “ColorWare now painting MacBook Airs for “only” $710”
  1. Matthew says:

    It would be better if they used actual pictures and not computer generated ones… Makes me wonder how it really looks.

    Oh, and after spending $700 on the computer, who wouldn’t splurge $20 for the mouse?


  2. Jake says:

    If the quality is as good as the iphone and xbox I had them paint it’s top notch. I’m so tempted to cancel my order and get a colorware Macbook Air….but after bumping my budget up to get the SSD, I just cant justtify the extra 500….250 maybe 🙂

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