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How can the most powerful woman on the planet not support the most powerful web browser?

That’s it! I am canceling my all 4 of my subscriptions to O magazine! (I like to keep 3 pristine copies of every issue in a humidity controlled chamber).

As is we needed further proof that Oprah is evil… Faithful Macenstein reader Kelly was shocked to find that hates Safari (and we were shocked to find Kelly visited!)

“ does not currently support the Safari browser. We recommend Firefox for an optimum experience when using a Mac. You can download Firefox for free at”

What was Kelly doing on in the first place? “My mom called me and asked me to find something on Oprah’s website for her. I swear!!!!

Sure you were, Kelly.

10 Responses to “How can the most powerful woman on the planet not support the most powerful web browser?”
  1. Rowlings says:

    Safari hates her too.

  2. The site looks the same in Firefox, as it does in Safari (yay for the debug menu), Oprah. 😛

    At least she didn’t recommend Internet Explorer 5 for Mac, or even worse, getting a PC with IE7.

  3. Joe says:

    Funny, the site opens fine for me on safari. maybe she had a change of mind?

  4. Xeno says:

    Oh come on. Even Mac users use Firefox. Nobody uses Safari except diehard fanboyz with want to live 3 years in web technology.

  5. Peter says:

    ummm…. I’ve used Safari since OS X 10.2.

    Has there been something horribly wrong with it up until this point?


  6. Mick says:

    Safari is THE Best browser on any platform. I’ve used Firefox on xp, vista, and osx, Safari is great in XP, better on a mac. I love it, it’s my go to browser since 10.2.

  7. Mick says:

    Ha… and yeah, opera is evil!

  8. Andreas says:

    I’m surprised she doesn’t recommend the Opera browser….

  9. Nick says:

    They’re suggesting I download Firefox! Well, had I wanted to go there in there first place, that would have been “goodbye” from me.

    Where do they get off telling me to download that crap to my Mac?

    I wonder if the site works in Camino, which share the same rendering engine as Firefox. (I have got Camino being as it is written with the proper native technologies for OS X rather than being hacked-up cross-platform trash). Presumably they didn’t even try and don’t know. Do they know whether it works in Opera … or really on anything else other than Internet Explorer and Firefox? What’s the betting the site’s been put together by some lazy incompetent on a Windows box, doesn’t use web standards, and hasn’t been tested in anything other than the two most common browsers on the Windows platform?

    Well what do you know? It *will* open in Camino. I tested it with the W3C validator, and it’s one of the worst pages I’ve ever come across:

    The W3C says: Failed validation, 3121 Errors

    If only web masters would use standards. Then it wouldn’t matter what a visitor used.

  10. C’mon, at least she supports Obama and Obama’s a Mac, everybody knows. (Hillary is an Evil Dell Machine, everybody knows too).

    Well, anyway, she wasn’t asking for explorer, but for firefox! She’s of the good ones! Anybody tried to visit the site with explorer? I won’t play follow the leader on this.. I won’t even touch IE with someone else’s mouse…

    Although: I’d like to have the mediatic power she has, just to say “screw you, suckers” to the IE users coming to my site withouth worrying about my Adsense earnings falling from the white cliffs of Dover in a gleeful imitation of the Apple stocks’ dive.

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