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MacBook Air already having problems?

Mac Complainer is already (you guessed it) complaining about the MacBook Air. It seems some early adopters are experiencing some problems with the ultra slim notebook, including “unstable iSights”, interference with 2.4 GHz routers, and overheating issues, which apparently cause the Air to shut down a core and decrease clock speed to compensate. Additionally, it appears the headphone jack is recessed, meaning not every pair of head phones is going to fit (something iPhone users have already (reluctantly) gotten used to).

7 Responses to “MacBook Air already having problems?”
  1. Danksi says:

    Yep, the Macbook Air’s all about compromises.

  2. Rogier says:

    Don’t even go to that site, he is just putting up complaints to attract traffic to his site for $$$

  3. Rogier,
    Yes, we understand that’s the site only looks on the “glass half-empty” side of Apple, but sometimes that is valuable.
    TUAW is also reporting on some MacBook Air problems, so it is not just Mac Complainer.
    -The Doc

  4. BrianB says:

    Thanks Dr. Macenstein. There is far less adsense on my site than on many pro-Apple sites. Rogier, it’s actually very difficult to attract traffic when you are anti-Apple. I’ve been an active participant in a couple of Apple forums before I realized you cannot get anything from those other people (aka fanboys) if you actually have “real” Apple problems. Hence, Mac Complainer. I admit the site name is crass but that’s the best my creativity could give me at that time.

    Anyway, I’m probably the only one out there focusing on the “glass half-empty” side of Apple.

  5. Peter says:

    You know, for all the fuss that people have made over this seemingly “great” computer, let’s all face facts:

    It still has the same footprint as a macbook. the only thing about it is thinner. I work in the petroleum fields in the Gulf of Mexico on a barge that builds oil rigs, and lays pipelines. You know what I’ve learned from this?

    The thinner the metal is, the easier it is to bend.

    Beyond that, all of the problems that others have stated. Lack of built in optical drive, no 2nd USB port, no Firewire port… (I use my FW400 port like mad on my MacBook)

    So, there’s all of that, and now the already relatively slow processors shut down to half speed? You might as well just go buy a G$ PB, or iBook at that point. I’ve got 2 in my house that are running, and most likely better than the MBA.

    So, now that there are these problems, what is the incentive to go and buy a machine that really doesn’t get it right?

    Even at the $3,098.00 price tag, this seems to be a whole lot of stuff to try and work through. I see cube written all over this.


  6. Peter says:

    *G4 Powerbook, or iBook that is!

    Sorry, got Shift happy…


  7. R says:

    Peter, so what you’re saying is that dainty lingerie is not really your thing…? Well, then I say, down with dainty lingerie!

    Hear all! Let heavy-set bloomers abound!

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