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Beatles now NOT coming to iTunes, and I still don’t care

Ugghh.. just when you thought the most boring ongoing story in the Mac community might finally have come to an end, is reporting that the rumored $400 million deal McCartney allegedly penned with Apple is “untrue”, and the Beatles catalog will not be appearing on iTunes anytime soon.

I’m taking this news pretty hard. The only thing worse would be if Apple announced they were removing the entire catalog from The Ink Spots from the iTunes store. But thank God that’s not the case.

These reports seemed crazy anyway. Given Apple’s 33¢ cut per song, paying $400 million (and some reports claiming as high as $600 million) for the rights to sell the Beatles catalog via iTunes would mean Apple would electric boyshave to sell roughly 1.8 billion Beatles songs to break even, let alone make anything off the deal. I mean, the Beatles were good and all – about 35 years ago – but their average fan is roughly 10-15 years from dying of old age, which hardly gives Apple enough time to recoup that kind of investment.

As an Apple stock holder I would much rather see Apple scout out the much cheaper “Electric Boys” catalog from the early 90’s. I saw them at Great Adventure with Mr. Big once, and they were pretty much just as good as the Beatles, and can likely be picked up for $300 million or less.

9 Responses to “Beatles now NOT coming to iTunes, and I still don’t care”
  1. Jonro says:

    I don’t care if they make it to iTunes or not because I can take any of my Beatles CDs and import them into iTunes. Wait. I already have.

    The Beatles will probably be popular forever, sort of like Beethoven, only different.

  2. Rocketeer says:

    Did you really mean .33¢ or did you mean 33¢? I call retail stores on this less than a penny mistake…. after all how would you split a penny in thirds anyway?

  3. gina says:

    You know what!! I like the Ink Spots, they have an excellent blend and harmonies a young snot nose goon like yourself could not appreciate


    twist and shout MR BEATLES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Calm down, Gina! I’m probably old enough to be your great great great great great grandfather’s great great great great grandson. I too love the eInk Spots, that’s why they came to mind, but I doubt even as big a fan as you would call them relevant today.

    -The Doc

  5. Eric says:

    Yes, I’m so sick of hearing about the Beetles. How long has it been since they were actually all alive and a group??? I had a dorm neighbor in college (duh) who was a Beetles guru. He knew everything about everything – he was so easy to get riled up. “Don’t the Beetles only use 3 cords?” “Don’t they only do cheesy commercial jingles – that’s why everyone knows their stuff?” It was almost like he was in a cult. the Beetle cult!

  6. imajoebob says:

    Uh, those of s with only 10 to 15 years left to live still constitute the sweet spot in music sales. We’re richer, have a greater disposable income – both dollars and percent, and are far more likely to actually purchase our music than pirate. In fact, one of the biggest segments of CD sales – some years THE biggest, was us doddering old folks buying CDs to replace our vinyl. And now we’re buying MP3s of The Who, CCR, Zeppelin, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Peter Frampton, Stones… to replace our CDs.

    We’re buying a lot more of that than anyone else is buying Pink, Britney, Smashing Pumpkins, or Eminem. Back in the dark ages a gold record meant selling a million copies. Now it’s half that. 8 of the top 10 all-time best selling albums are 1980 or earlier (technically the Billy Joel collection is ’85, but the songs aren’t), and the other two are a C&W and a sound track.

    The Beatles’ catalog is the Holy Grail of music. It has it all: quality, history, concept, and nostalgia. What makes the Beatles so valuable is that its appeal is almost universal. “The Beatles” aka The White Album (9th best seller of all time) is considered one of the greatest works of music – ever. Every album, from Please Please Me to Rubber Soul to Let It Be is filled with great, evocative music. Just grab a copy of “1” with its 26 No. 1 songs – or about one every 3 months, Simply astounding.

    iTunes has already sold more than 4 BILLION songs in less than 5 years, and about 1 billion in the last year alone. Even adding the most popular band in history will take a few years to break even – if the quoted price is realistic. But that’s not the point. The point is that if you want the Beatles, you gotta have an iPod to play iTunes music (according to the Apple site). So if you want the Beatles but don’t have an iPod, you’ll have to buy one. Ka-Ching!!

    And many of the naysayers on this deal are the same analysts who claim iPod sales fell short at Xmas. Only 22MM sold, when they forecast 23 or 24MM. Except these “experts” neglected to include iPhones in those numbers, which made it 3MM more. So Apple beat the street. If they license The Beatles, rest assured they’ll be making money hand over fist.

    But you may not have enough experience and maturity to understand these advanced concepts.

  7. Glenn says:

    If you are joking – don’t give up your day job, you’re not funny

    If you’re not, there’s a job at Decca Records open for you. After all, guitar groups are on the way out, Mr Epstein.

  8. Gina says:

    Look Dr. Macenstain ,
    I never said what my age was, I simply insinuated that I was not still a diaper soiler, like that numb-skull who thinks it’s funny to spell Beatles with two e’s. And yes the Ink Spots are relevant today, because real musicians get their inspiration from musicians past and past past, everything else is just reruns. The Beatles as unique as they are, have always admitted their inspiration came from singers and musicians generations before them. So if I’m in my 40’s , and i’m inspired by the Ames brothers or the King Sister’s harmonies, or Dave Brubeck’s syncopation, or Stevie Wonders octave range, Im going to end up with a lot more chops and talent than those garbage bands on Letterman and Leno every nite. They all sound the same, they sing with phony english accents, and they really do play about 3 chords. goodnite.

  9. Venice T. says:

    Hello there,
    What can i say, I’m a Beatle fan from day one. I think number 6 said all that needs be said. there is a lot of wisdom there.
    I was one who was excited about the itune Beatle deal. Too bad. I still am waiting for Paul and Ringo to do a concert with Julian Lennon, and possibly George Harrson Jr. Of course it’s not the Beatles, but at least it’s something.
    By the way, if #7 up there is referring to #6 in his snide comment, then he should go check himself in, he’s just jealous because he has nothing of substance to say.. Guitars are here to stay, so put your accordion away.

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