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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a free bagpipe ringtone for your iPhone!

Above: Bill puts the “Mac” in “McEvoy”.

Yeah, we know St. Patrick’s Day isn’t until Monday, but we also know our readers are raging alcoholics, and will likely begin drinking at 5PM this afternoon (if they haven’t already), and not stop until sometime after Labor Day. So, in an effort to give you guys something stupid to do in between blackouts, we’ve had Macenstein‘s head bagpiper, Bill McEvoy, whip up us an iPhone-compatible ringtone you can impress your friends with while celebrating the 3rd-least important US holiday there is, St. Paddy’s Day. (Oh, and if you are in the NY/NJ area and need a bagpiper (and who doesn’t?), Bill’s your man!).

While all bagpipe songs are annoying enough to make a good ringtone, Bill settled on the classic “The Minstrel Boy“, and as it turns out, it makes a truly ear-splitting ringtone, capable of cutting through the din of even the noisiest bar.

Installing the ringtone should be easy. Simply download it from the link below, be sure your iTunes library is set to “Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized” in iTunes’ “Advanced” preference tab, and drag this bad boy into the main iTunes window. You should then be able to sync to your iPhone from the Ringtones tab. Enjoy, and thanks again, Bill!

Right-Click here to download Macenstein’s “The Mistrel Boy” ringtone, and hit “Save Target File As…“. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Macenstein!

13 Responses to “Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a free bagpipe ringtone for your iPhone!”
  1. Bob says:

    Isn’t St. Patrick’s day Irish?

  2. Derick Amuso says:

    I think it is an Irish holiday the way Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday. They are not really anything in their native countries, but the US beer companies have turned them into major events.

  3. O'Hoooooolihaaaan says:

    Thanks! This is awesome. It actually does make a good ringtone!

  4. tomzo says:

    erm…. as a brit I was wondering why you’ve got a bagpiper?
    St Patrick is the patron Saint of Ireland, and bagpipers are typically Scottish, 2 different countires.
    I know you guys over the pond find it hard to understand the whole England Ireland Wales & Scotland and United Kingdom thing, but cmon, really?
    “They are not really anything in their native countries”, yeah its pretty big in Ireland, as its their patron saint. Same as St Georges day in England.

    But we can all poke fun at the Irish – Only Irish are stupid enough to call their Island Ireland.

  5. Dave-O says:

    @Bob, The Minstrel Boy is an Irish song. The bagpipe is not exclusively Scottish (although it is most strongly affiliated with the Highlands). You’ll hear plenty o’ pipes (and penny whistles) in the St. Patrick’s Day parades.

  6. Mark says:

    There are plenty of Irish bagpipes!

    Typically an Irish bagpipe will be powered by bellows tucked under your arm, rather then the inflated bladder which is blown into by the mouth on a Scottish bagpipe.

    Come on guys, you’re sat at a computer reading this anyway!


    Mark (England)

  7. Way Cool III says:

    McEvoy’s “Minstrel Boy” is subtle, yet at times, overbearing. The man’s a true genius.

  8. Steven Haskayne says:

    Hate to tell you guys but bagpipes are scottish not irish. Guiness, 4 leaf clovers, potatoe pickers and pots of gold however are all Irish…. Not forgetting ma’ lucky charms!

  9. imajoebob says:

    Okay, first, bagpipes are neither exclusively Irish or Scottish. There’s an entire catalog of different regional variations across Europe on the basic instrument.

    That said, is this guy a dirty fookin’ Loyalist?! A REAL Irishman (i.e. Republican) would be playing the Uilean (pronounced illen) pipes. Besides being sweeter and more musically versatile, the Uilean, unlike the Highland set Mr. McEvoy appears to have, has a manual bellows so you don’t have to continually blow into the damn thing to play it!

    The Irish were smart enough to make a smaller, easier to operate, better sounding set of pipes. And you can sit down and talk (or sing) while playing it – and even take a wee drink when the fingering cooperates!

    But as a good Irishman, and possible distant relative to the McEvoys, I thank Mr. McEvoy for his creativity and consideration and have a Guinness in his honour. (and then I’ll wait ’til his back is turned…!)

    [What’s Irish and sits out in the rain?]

  10. byronchurch says:

    Catchy tune . Hmmmm …. Da da da da da da da da . Hey its the stock treo ringtone ! They would jam together ! Same key . Same meter . What a trip ! Thanks

  11. Grangoire says:

    That’s been pointed out already.
    It may be easier for you to keep up if you weren’t so focused on your trolling. But if you ARE really just slow, then I apologize.

  12. Patty O'Furniture says:

    I’m off to tell all the thousands of highland pipers, marching in St. Pat’s parades all over the world today that they don’t belong there. While I’m at it, I’ll mention that they must be loyalists, since they’re playing the wrong pipes.

    Wish me luck.

  13. Way Cool III says:

    Go get ’em, Patty!

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