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Charlie Rose eats asphalt to protect his MacBook Air

Above: Charlie Rose on last Monday’s show showing off his Apple Fanboy battle scars

TechCrunch has a great story that pretty much any Apple Fanboy has to respect. Apparently last Monday, Charlie Rose, host of the creatively named Charlie Rose Show, tripped in a pothole on the way to his studio while carrying his MacBook Air. Knowing that faces heal, but computers don’t (at least not yet) Rose did what any red-blooded Apple fanatic would, he protected the MB Air, and smashed face first into the pavement.

Luckily for Rose, he didn’t let his disgusting black eye and bandage stop him from appearing on his show, and now he’s got a ton of bad-ass pics floating on the web, sure to get him all kinds of tail. After all, the only thing chicks dig more than guys with scars are guys with scars who can afford the MacBook Air.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader BILLONEY for the link.

8 Responses to “Charlie Rose eats asphalt to protect his MacBook Air”
  1. Johnny K says:

    That’s a real man.

  2. odin says:

    The Macbook Air seems to only lead to heartbreak. Or face-break… as this might be. Either way, they are obviously made with black magic, hence their small size, and the bad karma that surrounds them. Macbook Diablo Edition is more like it.

  3. odin says:

    Dude… it’s been bothering me for some time. Why does ReCAPTCHA show up twice in Gecko based browsers? It always happens in Camino and Firefox, but never in Safari or Opera.

  4. no idea Odin, but I can’t seem to fix it.
    Please don’t smite us with your sword!
    -The Doc

  5. Javier says:

    Odin and Dr,

    I am not experiencing the issue with the recaptcha in Firefox 3 Beta 4.

  6. face2face says:

    it looks like Charlie Rose got punched in the face and the Macbook Air is a cover-up story.

  7. Scotland says:

    I ride a vespa to work daily, and i’m always in fear of what would happen if i had a spill on my bike, i can’t let my macbook pro come to harm, and yet, i won’t have any control! Props to Charlie Rose, may we all follow his example and attain all sorts of tail as a result.

  8. Billoney says:

    I knew you would post this! Great Blog!

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