Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (March 2008): Steam - Macenstein

Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (March 2008): Steam


Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”. Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we present you with the lovely Steam, a French Model/Air-Guitar Champion who took Apple’s “Switch” campaign to heart!


“I love weird things, like coding,” says Steam. “I collect video games, and that worths me weekly calls from my bank ! If you looked around my TV, you would see a Nes, a Megadrive (well TWO Megadrives actually), a Nintendo 64, a PS2, a DreamCast, and an XBOX 360… I love them all to pieces. You’re equally likely to find me dancing on a dance mat, kicking everyone’s asses at Guitar Hero, taking care of cute creatures in Viva Pinata, or beating zombies in Dead Rising or Zombies (on Megadrive, mium !).”

“For a long time I didn’t really know about Mac, only that it was a less known alternative to PC, on which you couldn’t EVEN install Second Life. (I was totally addicted to it two years ago, and spent my nights stripping in a Second Life goth edgy club). But that was until I found my way into Graphic Design.”



“Actually, I began dating a guy, who was already a Graphic Designer, and he was totally a Mac Dude… So, if I wanted to be able to work at his place, I had to get used to Macs. It was quite hard to get used to them at first, I was always screaming “RAAAAAH I HATE MACS !!!!” because the windows kept on switching and moving and bouncing everytime i hit the mouse. But at the same time, noticed how more powerful they were, how edgy they looked, and how exciting it was to use them… Their design are flawless, I could buy one and just hang it on the wall, like a piece of art! Needless to say most Photographs and Graphic Designers use Macs, and that convinced me to try harder. Come on, if they can all do it, I can do it too!”


“He bought a new G4, and decided to give me his PowerBook G4, which was to be no use. I slowly got used to it, and you guys must already know the feeling: Once you go Mac, you can never go back! Since we have had my old PC at home, i have only switched it on once. Using it now seems like a real pain in the ass, there are straight lines everywhere, and the lack of intuition is more than boring. Looking at it, it reminds me of old TV mixing stations! Using my Mac is smooth and easy, nearly erotic… But that may be because of the overwhelming amount of Naked Girls Pictures it contains!”


• Name: Steam
• Age: 21
• Location: Paris, FRANCE
• Occupation: Model, Air-Guitar Champion, Photoshop Elf, Editor Assistant in a Tattoo Magazine
• First Apple product you bought: The first one i got was a PowerBook G4, but… They were all offered ! I’m a lucky girl. And everybody knows i’m a Mac girl, so people know what to get me for my birthdays !
Anyway, I’m saving money to buy myself an iPhone.
• Favorite Apple Gear: It would be really hard for me to choose… My iPod Nano helps me creating my own bubble whenever i’m not at home, and shy as i am believe me i need it… But I could do nothing without my PowerBook G4, which is my most important work tool. I can write and work from eveywhere, manipulate my pics and write my articles… I feel like an alternative Carrie Bradshaw. We both write for a magazine, collect (expensive) shoes, and are Mac lovers ! I’m trying my best to not think about the MacBook Air. My bank officer would really punch me in the face.
• Favorite non-Apple Gear: Probably my video games. I love my Megadrive II, my pink PS II, my NES… actually all of them.
• Favorite TV Shows: House, Nip/Tuck, South Park, Malcom in the Middle, Sailormoon, the Animaniacs…


• Favorite Music: Head Automatica, Incubus, Billy Talent, Panic! At the Disco, Depeche Mode, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, Uffie, Justice, and about anything I can dance my ass off on!
• Favorite Movies: I’m a sucker for Horror Movies… Especially cheapy ones. Right now, I’m watching “Plane of the Dead”.
• Favorite Books: Any
Harry Potter will do, (but especially #5) Channeling Books. I’ve just finished Skinny Bitch and Strip City, and they’ve both taught me a lot.
• Hobbies: I’m a simple girl, I love staying at home and taking care of my dog. I’m also into Photography, Sewing and Designing clothes, Coding, Cooking, Singing, and Playing Bass. And I’m addicted to Video Games !
• Pets: I have a Jack Russel puppy, his name is Bast, and he’s the cutest ever. He’s a total perv, and tries to lick my tits when i am asleep !
• 5 things i can’t live without : my dog / Marvel printed boy briefs / soy yoghourts / videogames / my mac gear ! (yes, and everything is depicted in the pics ! Try and find them, it’s like a beginner-level Where is Charlie!)


“Since then, I’ve got some other Mac Products… My hot pink iPod Nano is my girly side, it contains music to make me dance my ass off ! It’s my best friend when it comes to “Disco – Metro” time, which basically means I’m dancing everywhere, even in the subway. Now it makes me laugh when I think I used to believe all MP3 players were the same and that it was worthless to invest such an amount of money. My iPod Video is the Man, he fulfills me with Horror Movies, South Park episodes, and most importantly naked girls… You gotta love the GodsGirls podcasts!”


“Most of the people who know me would say i’m a geek. But truth is, I’m a total nerd in disguise. Always been, always will! Don’t let the contact lenses and eye-catching look fool you : if I was to choose a dreamy holiday destination right now, I would hop on a plane with bikinis and my laptop, to any place with a sunny beach, where I could practice my ActionScript all day long.”



To see more of Steam, visit her
Photography: Meka (

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13 Responses to “Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (March 2008): Steam”
  1. JM says:

    >I have a Jack Russel puppy, his name is Bast, and he’s the cutest ever. He’s a total perv, and tries to lick my tits when i am asleep !

    I think I want to come back as a Jack Russell.

  2. Al says:

    I LUV HER!! .. 🙂

  3. Luis says:

    This girl have a great body, love it.

  4. Sleet says:

    Beautiful! You’re getting a nice mix here now!

  5. Conz says:

    we love her

  6. airfang says:

    cant find any mac gear in pic 2 and 3…u guys any luck?

  7. Sid Cali says:

    Place her in the box of the Macbook Pro and I’ll buy the damn laptop!!!!!

  8. Sk@@z says:

    Génial, une francaise qu est superbe, qui aime Apple, les tatouages et qui en plus est gameuse, la femme parfaite.

  9. Arystor says:

    The nicest girl who has seen in Macenstein.
    Como se diría en mi ciudad… para crujirla.
    (As it would be said in my city, her to squeak)

    A kiss.

  10. Roz says:

    comme t’es beeeelle…
    donne envie de me /maquer/ avec toua!

  11. slappy says:

    Another great job by Macenstein. Each month is a gift to Mac users worldwide. 🙂

  12. Hotipodnews says:

    Holy Hannah! This chick is one of the hottest on this site! WELL DONE! We need more non-barbiedoll types in the pages of MCOTM!! Keep ’em coming!

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