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Microsoft enters the chip business – “potato”, not “micro”

Wow, this recession must have Microsoft worried. Check out their latest efforts to diversify their product line!

From Egypt, the land where copyright law is apparently as prevalent as snow pants, comes Windows brand ketchup-flavored potato chips. And of course, what better way to wash those delicious chips down than with a can of delicious Windows soda?

Well, at least it’s natural…

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Stian for the tipi!

4 Responses to “Microsoft enters the chip business – “potato”, not “micro””
  1. Max says:

    Not to mention MS and Linux making up their differences

  2. Jug says:

    I look at the cans of Windows soda and wonder how many viruses are contained within…

  3. odin says:

    Vista cola, only suitable for vista capable palettes?

  4. Andy says:

    oh my god – do they really think that will generate new customers?

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