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Restoring my faith in iPhone gaming

Not that I ever had very high hopes to begin with, but this video by the French gaming company INT13 has renewed my interest in the idea of the iPhone as a true mobile gaming platform. Their Mario Kart rip-off “Crazy Kart 2” is apparently already boasting a 60 fps framerate using a software-only engine, and a 3D accelerated sequel is already being planned. The game is still in production, but it seems rather ambitious, with multi-player support, downloadable vehicles, and the possibility of motion-tilt-steering (currently the game is touch screen only).

Aside from the smooth GUI animations, I didn’t really know what the iPhone’s graphics capabilities were, but given how good this game looks after only 2 week’s development time, it looks like the scrappy little iPhone may indeed become mobile gaming contender. Looks like I will be recharging my iPhone more often come this summer!

[via MacRumors]

6 Responses to “Restoring my faith in iPhone gaming”
  1. flynn says:

    Your faith is probably restored by a fake. OpenGL ES does not work in AspenSimulator as of now, and the white circle indicates it doesn’t run on the device either…

  2. CURSE YOU, INT13!
    -The Doc

  3. Uncle Miltie says:

    Actually, that looks weak to me compared to what I expect to see… forget steering via touching the screen – how about steering via tilting the phone in landscape? 😉

  4. Steven Haskayne says:

    how do you accelerate?

  5. Ethan says:

    Though the video may be a fake, I wouldn’t rule out seeing graphics quality near what the video shows, judging from the super monkey ball demo.

  6. Actually the iPhone is twice the spec of the Sony PSP so once games developers get used to the SDK then we can expect to see some truly amazing games.

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