Celebrity Mac Chick sighting: Maria Menounos - Macenstein

Celebrity Mac Chick sighting: Maria Menounos

OK, this is getting scary. It’s almost as if famous chicks are running around with their Apple gear just so I will mention them here. After all, we know Macenstein is a launching pad to the stars.

Above: I’m so happy to see Maria using an iPod I will forgive the mixing of Nike with Reebok

Here we see the lovely and very physically fit Maria Menounos out for a jog with her iPod nano.You may know her from Scrubs, One Tree Hill, or Access Hollywood.

But I don’t. However, thanks to her nano, I know her now! Let that be a lesson to all Hollywood starlets, using Apple products can totally boost your exposure.

More pics after the jump

[images via Use My Computer]

6 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick sighting: Maria Menounos”
  1. Lamplight says:

    haha if ipods are a prerequisite for mac chick sightings then we are going to see a lot of posts in the future.

    Almost everyone on the planet has one don’t they?

    But I can’t fault you for wanting to post pics of Maria Menounos tho. TIGHT! and love the belly button piercing ;p

  2. Somebody needs to tell her about the iPod armbands…

  3. Jonro says:

    If she were a *real* Mac Chick, she would be using an iPod + Nike.

  4. Rajje says:

    Totally uninteresting. Everyone has an iPod. And even if they were rare, pictures of celebreties carrying them still wouldn’t be interesting at all.
    I am a geek and visit geek sites, just so I can get away from this horrible celeberty-mania which is offered by all popular media.

  5. punk22 says:

    I agree with Rajje, I come to these sites to get Mac news, I could care less who the hell is carrying around and iPod, iPhone, etc… We know it’s just about the most bought gadget out there, and that almost next to everyone has one. I find myself returning to this site less and less seeing as every time I do pop it up on screen there’s another “celebrity mac chick sighting” this isn’t Us magazine, or E! I, and I’m sure a ton of others could care less who’s caring something apple. Just my two cents, could care less if anyone agrees.

  6. darrell says:

    it makes you wonder where the photographer was in these pictures. the shot of her running toward the camera is so invasive.

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