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Deals: Bargains aplenty at Harman/Kardon’s eBay store

If you do not fear the word “refurbished”, there are deals aplenty over at Harmon Kardon’s eBay store. Harman sells a wide range of receivers, speakers, subwoofers, and complete surround sound and multimedia systems under the Harman, JBL, and Infinity brand names, and a ton of these items start at only 99¢. I picked up a pair of JBL Spot speakers for $30 (that’s 70% savings).

Above: Many items start as low as 99¢.

I had reviewed the Spots last year and was blown away (9 out of 10), but unfortunately had to send the review unit back. The really nice thing is since you are buying from Harman, you get a factory warranty on your purchase – always nice when buying from eBay. Anyway, just a heads up, I don’t have an affiliation or anything, just passing it along.

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  1. gallagb says:

    i got my H/K AVR 745 though these folks
    on e-bay
    something like 600$ for a $3K machine

    works great
    looked fantastic
    love it

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