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Macenstein’s “A Thousand Pictures are Worth a Word” Contest

We’ve all seen those top ten lists of killer Mac setups that cost more than your car, house, and family. Well, unlike those sites, we here at Macenstein are not into shining a bright spotlight on how much your life sucks or how horrible the career choices are that you’ve made. We understand that most of our readers can only dream of those killer setups, and are currently getting by on beat-to-hell machines held together by gaffer’s tape and love. And we think it’s high time you are rewarded for your loyalty to your machine.

So welcome to our “A Thousand Pictures are Worth a Word” contest, as in Microsoft Word, as in Office 2008. Send us in some pics of your most pathetic (but functioning) Mac setup, along with specs and a description of what’s wrong (ie, CD drive has gum in it, FireWire ports actually on fire) and if we think it’s the crappiest, we’ll send you out a brand new, full version of Microsoft Office 2008, retail price of $399 (yes, you get the full Microsoft Office 2008 suite, not just Word, but we we needed a punny title for the contest). In order to be eligible for the contest, your machine must be able to load the Macenstein home page, and you must send us a photo of our site being displayed on the screen. (Yes, I know somewhere out there someone has a beat up Apple II with no internet access they want to enter in the contest, but this is about showing us how crappy your current in-use Mac is, so we want you to at least make it somewhat believable you might still be using it). Make sure your pics make it clear just how bad your system is busted, meaning, if your mac is covered in duct tape, take a pic without the tape as well so we can see what’s actually going on).

Send in your pics to The contest runs from now until Sunday, May 11th. Thanks, and good luck!

18 Responses to “Macenstein’s “A Thousand Pictures are Worth a Word” Contest”
  1. Adam Nelson says:

    Too bad I already took apart my iMac that had a smashed screen. It wasn’t pretty, but was still functional.

  2. I assure you, that those were not my intentions when publishing that post :).

  3. Mr Clicky says:

    What’s second prize, Word with a multi-user licence …?

  4. Dave-O says:

    Brought me to tears.

  5. speaking about thousand pictures… check out this site

  6. ArtOfWarfare says:


    you’re not seriously giving a Mac User Office are you?

    What the heck would a Mac user ever need Office for? I mean, especially the people who love Mac computers so much that they hold on to computers as beat up as those.

    I really think a much better prize would be oh, I don’t know, something to replace their beat to hell computer!?

    It doesn’t have to be one of those godly set ups. But how about say, a Mac Mini? or even the baseline MacBooks/iMac.

    Or! I got a great one! How about you pay for them to refurbish their beat to hell computer! Yeah! Make it just like new! Give it a whole second life where it isn’t wrapped in bandages! Give it surgery!

  7. Chuckles says:

    You can do what you want, but why are you supporting Microsoft with the prize, assuming you bought a copy of Office? Or did you get the prize donated for the contest? I like ArtOfWarfare’s suggestions.

  8. Snorrblitz says:

    A lot of people need Office. My grandma uses it because the exporting feature is too complicated for her and all she uses her iMac for is mail and .doc files.

    Also: A crap contest should come with a crap price 😀

  9. Dan says:

    Can I just check if the closing date is Saturday 10th May or Sunday 11th May? Thanks!

    I’ve taken my pics and I’m going to enter despite being a dirty foreigner who can never win these American contests. I don’t see what all the fuss is about – Office is a great prize!

  10. Whoops!
    Thanks Dan, it is Sunday the 11th. Corrected.
    -The Doc

  11. sara miller says:

    I could really use this, thanks

  12. Diana Lindeman says:

    Maybe this will help me master vista.

  13. David Mouton says:

    Nice prize.

  14. gina snow says:

    i want to win

  15. leroy thomas says:

    My mac need some updated software.

  16. Donna says:

    Yes, an upgrade from Office 1997 is definitely called for! *LOL* Thanks.

  17. CP says:

    So – who won?

  18. Working on it, winner should be announced in the next 3 days. Thanks to all who enetered!
    -The Doc

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