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Bush’s iPhone

Looks like he jailbroke it.

[via about.com]

5 Responses to “Bush’s iPhone”
  1. TheCos says:

    I’m betting Rove did it for him.

  2. AG Pennypacker says:

    Or he has webclips 😉

  3. Steven says:

    I really really hope our next president has one just like it. Having been there and met multiple locals (interpreters, soldiers, workers) it would be utterly wrong to leave and allow their country to descend into absolute civil war. All those I ever knew would be executed for helping us democratize the area. We are doing the right thing, and it is working, and has been working for the past 10 months at least.

  4. Robert says:

    Hell yeah Steven!!! I’m right with you!

  5. Monkey says:

    I would expect him to have a game called Shock and Awe where you use fear mongering until you are cleared to bomb a country which does not have WMDs.

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