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Celebrity Mac chick.. er.. PRESIDENT sighting: Cristina Kirchner

Faithful Macenstein reader Benito writes:

Celebrity Mac Chick? … hmm

This is our president Cristina Kirchner taking a present from the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim owner of the biggest cell network in my country. Of course, presidents can’t take presents from anyone by law, even media moguls. But who cares, this is Argentina…

How come our presidents never look like that?

Ah, Argentina, the land where Xuxa filmed her insanely awesome Show de Xuxa television show (the show that made me the man I am today).

I don’t know why, but they don’t make kids’ shows like that anymore… I think that’s what wrong with kids today. Too much Barney, not enough Xuxa.

[images via Sobre Notebooks]

20 Responses to “Celebrity Mac chick.. er.. PRESIDENT sighting: Cristina Kirchner”
  1. Pedro says:

    I’m a Mac fanboy and live in Argentina.
    However, this doesn’t make me any happier!
    The worst president Argentina ever had with my favourite computer just makes me sick …

    Let me clear up a little misunderstanding.
    In Argentina, according to law, presidents CAN take gifts, as long as this ones don’t cost more than what it’s permitted by law.
    The MBA is well beneath that price limit, however the Ferrari president Menem got a couple years ago wasn’t.

  2. mmmm says:

    Xuxa was a Brazilian show. The Spanish version years later was taped in Argentina, but it was a hit in Brazil for at least 7 years before. Xuxa rocks

  3. TheCos says:

    Holy Shit! Xuxa beats the hell out of Barney, that’s for damn sure.

  4. Richard says:

    now if only there were 4 of them, female wiggles anyone, maybe call the them the ‘jiggles’

    i just lol’ed myself.

  5. rowlings says:

    Wow, you learn so much reading Macenstein. I never knew Argentina’s president was a woman, a horrible president, and I never knew there was a kid’s show with drum majorettes in incredibly short hot pants!

  6. Alex says:

    Anyone else think that MacBook Air has keylogging software installed on it? Oldest espionage trick in the book.

  7. John Doe says:

    F*** Carlos Slim, he’s the reason there is no retail comp USA’s anymore

  8. Jack Sparrow says:

    Hi folks, how are ya…
    I also am a Mac Fanboy and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Unfortunately our president receives these gifts, spends a whole bunch of money when she flies to Europe or other parts of the world (buys Gucci, Versace, etc.), when the poverty here is very high. Argentina is a 3rd world country, and suffers third world country problems (corruption, unemployment, kidnapping, poor education, etc., etc.). She might be good looking, but like Pedro said, she has been having many problems running this country. Why doesn’t Carlos Slim get me one? I work my ass off as an MD, but with my salary it would take me more than a couple of months to get one (a doctor makes $1800 pesos per month. $3,20 pesos is one dollar, so to make it simple, a doctor makes U$ 562 dollars per month). Here a MacBook Air is U$ 3000 dollares, crazy huh….!!! Only in Argentina….

  9. mangochutney says:

    Sorry, is she wearing a panty over her skirt?
    But um, yeah. I would have liked shows like that.

  10. radicaled says:

    Well, now you know that we have a cool president :'(.
    The only use she is going to give the Mac is to watch Youtube.
    I think she doesn’t know what else she could do, not even office.
    F* I would prefer anyone but her to receive a mac.

  11. aranhamo says:

    Yeah, Xuxa is Brazilian and she has had about a billion shows on TV at various times. The girls wearing the majorette costumes are called “paquitas”; many of them have gone on to become famous in their own right, often by posing in Playboy. She’s basically the queen of Brazil, and she started a proud tradition of women who are basically nothing more than strippers becoming hosts of children’s programming.

  12. Deny Dias says:

    Xuxa is so Argentine as Buenos Aires is the Brazil’s capital.

    I little joke:

    – Hey, Lula (Brazilian president). I’ll bomb your country tomorrow. Our plan is to start by your capital, but I can’t remember its name. – says George W. Bush.

    – Oh, sure pal! Buenos Aires is the city. – says Lula’s translator, as our beloved president barely speaks our portuguese.

    Weird world, ain’t it?

  13. Jon says:

    No offense guys, but Carlos Slim is “only” the second richest man 😉 Warren Buffet is still first.

  14. Al says:

    Carlos Slim is only the second richest man but he is practically the owner of Mexico (where i live), he is winning like a million everytime he blinks.. and he only needs like 2 billions to defeat Buffet… Wait a couple of months after he starts selling iPhones and he will be the richest man.

    isn’t ironic that one of the richest man is from a poor country?

  15. Alejandro says:

    Thanks Benito al macusergroup.com.ar

  16. ryokeken says:

    guys, I´m from Argentina and live in USA, actually Ijust moved to Spain =), and gotta tell you at least Cristina “spika” the language Bush doesn´t even now what english is. perhaps the rest is up to par.
    Xuxa is WAAAAY better than Barney and Argentinian in (and many more peoples, I´ll guess) my heart

  17. imajoebob says:

    You kids and your Xuxu. Back in my day (cue the scratchy black and white film clip) we had Isis as our Saturday morning entertainment: http://rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0WTb_kqADdIH4EBI0WjzbkF/SIG=1252jt5aq/EXP=1211650474/**http%3A//www.flickr.com/photos/hillyblue/998746769/ Mini dress, a hint of leather, and no apparent brassiere; that’s wholesome entertainment!

    Heck, even her alter ego, nerdy science teacher Andrea Thomas put Xaxu to shame http://rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0WTefizADdIdXUAYamjzbkF/SIG=125llt3f7/EXP=1211650611/**http%3A//www.flickr.com/photos/hillyblue/998845721/

    CBS loved the show because the demographics were unique. It skewed away from a kids’ show to a “family” audience, because so many fathers spent “quality time” watching it with their kids! It also helped that Joanna Cameron appeared in a Roger Vadim “free love” movie (Pretty Maids All In A Row) that became a staple for late nights on the new HBO at the same time. [We won’t discuss the issues of Rock Hudson as the film’s lothario.]

    Finally (you rotten little punks!), there’s no arguing the creepiness of a giant purple dinosaur who spends all his time with little children. But back in the 60s/70’s we got H.R. Pufnstuf (1), a psychotropic protagonist dragon for kids too young to score their own LSD. They first got us hooked with Banana Splits(2), the gateway show to Pufnstuf, and then moved us on to Lidsville(3) – the Speedball of kiddie TV. Witchiepoo(4) was obviously the “free sample” in Pufnstuf to hook us up with Lidsville.
    (1) http://www.absoluteanime.com/reviews/saturday_morning/saturday_morning01.jpg
    (2) http://www.retrobug.com/bananasplits/pictures/004.jpg
    (3) http://www.rotten.com/library/bio/entertainers/charles-nelson-reilly/whodoo3.jpg
    (4) http://www.70slivekidvid.com/puff/witchie1.jpg

    And you wonder why your parents are so screwed up?

  18. 0x3333 says:

    Dudes For Christ’s Sake!

    Xuxa was a Brazilina Show!!!! Not Argentina!!!!!!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! As Buenos Aires is our capital!!!! Afffff….

  19. 0x3333,

    I know Xuxa’s Brazilian, I just said that that version of her show was filmed in Argentina.
    I was stretching for some excuse to link Xuxa to a story, and I thought I did a fair job.
    -The Doc

  20. PabloS says:

    Xuxa should be our president now.
    She made more for poor little kids when she had that show; than what our president is doing for them right now.

    PS: What happened with Mac Chick June?

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