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Geez, How many Macs does Jessica Simpson have??

In an effort to test just how much Jessica Simpson our readers can stomach, here is yet another shot of Miss Simpson holding an Apple laptop, this time a black MacBook.

You may recall we spotted Jessica and her dog brandishing a MacBook Air just last month at the AirPort, and using an iPod a few months back.

I know it’s cool to hate on Jessica, but I happen to be a big fan. Perhaps this is because I have never heard her sing or act outside of this Pizza Hut commercial where she just had to look hot (and she pulled it off easily).

So say what you will fellas, but there’s no denying it รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Jessica is the real deal when it comes to celebrity Mac Chicks.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein readers Jamie and Mark for sending this in.

[via What Would Tyler Durden Do?]

8 Responses to “Geez, How many Macs does Jessica Simpson have??”
  1. imajoebob says:

    This may mean one of two things:
    Good news – jessica is computer literate, so she can’t be as vapid as her caricature. or
    Bad news – A big chunk of the MacBook sales are as fashion accessories.

    And I’m more than happy to see a lot more Jessica Simpson posts. Of course that means more bad news – it means I’m probably a creepy old(er) guy.

  2. Jonathan says:

    It probably is her old laptop. It appears that she is chilling by the pool. Whenever I am chilling pool side, I always use my Powerbook in fear that my Blackbook will get splashed.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Its probably the Macbook she had before she got the Air. She appears to be at a pool. I always use my old powerbook poolside in fear that someone will splash my new macbook

  4. darrell says:

    if the macbook air were $1000 i would pick it up in a heartbeat. in fact, i think every 12″ PowerBook owner would do the same.

    unfortunately, its not. and the only times i’ve seen it are on websites in the hands of jessica simpson, charlie rose and jon mayer.

    i guess i’ll have to wait till its available in the refurb store… after the next revision is released… and the recession ends…

  5. Kelly says:

    Jessica may not realize that the batteries are rechargeable. She may be buying a new one each time the battery goes dead.

  6. Aristan says:

    What I love about the Pizza Hut commercial is that Simpson is apparently has gluten & lactose allergies… meaning she can’t eat wheat or milk. Two of the main ingredients of pizza.

    I fully expect a commercial where she tells us how good Vista is shortly.

  7. Bride of Macenstein says:

    does pizza hut still make that GROSS pizza from the commercial?

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