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My firmware goes up to 11, beeyatch!

3G? Big deal. MY firmware goes to 11, beeyatch!

Obviously having to wear gloves somewhat limits the iPhone’s touchscreen-based GUI, but the speed increase is well worth it IMO.

12 Responses to “My firmware goes up to 11, beeyatch!”
  1. Jonro says:

    worn is misspelled.

  2. D’oh!
    Well, it IS beta firmware, after all…
    -The Doc

  3. tomo says:

    _worn_, shurely?

  4. Greg says:

    “Wicked fast” … Must be from New England (Y)

  5. Hey, what do you know? I just downloaded the latest firmware update, and they fixed that misspelling!
    -The Doc

  6. Jonro says:

    10G is the fastest known data transfer speed in the universe. Like Warp 10, data appears everywhere in the universe simultaneously.

  7. Yeah, but 11G is 1 more. Data appears in the multiiverse.

  8. kraig says:

    well in 11G data is received before it is sent

  9. I’m waiting for 9000g son.

  10. emre says:

    Pure, 100% Epic win 😀

  11. I hope we get 3G in Canada when it comes out here.

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