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Who the hell are Niffirg?

MacRumors forum member raggedjimmi had the quote of the day today in reference to these alleged shots of Griffin case molds for the 3G iPhone.

“Who the hell are Niffirg? Calling fake.” – MacRumors member raggedjimmi

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Arn for the tip!

8 Responses to “Who the hell are Niffirg?”
  1. I don’t get it. If it’s the front of the mold, it’s ok that the brand is flipped horizontally, so it would be displayed correctly on the final product…

  2. AG Pennypacker says:

    Thats why its funny…

    Also, thanks Doc, but it wasn’t the guy who runs MacRumors who submitted this, it was George Constanza’s alter ego 😉

  3. Dave-O says:

    The picture isn’t interesting enough to be a fake, or to post on one’s blog. As Camillo points out, the name should be flipped on a case mold so as to be correct on the case.

  4. Actually, AG, it was Arn.

    -The Doc

  5. Chip says:

    Now that’s funny.

  6. Good ‘ole Arn 🙂

  7. Andrew M says:

    u guys are fools.

    the case is set out so that the iphone sets right in it. flip it over, it spells griffin.


  8. you says:

    family guy !!

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