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Forget Psystar, why isn’t Apple suing THESE guys?

OK, WTF? Take a look at gOS, the “Linux operating system designed for the 100,000,000 MySpace users”, and tell me if you see anything that looks familiar…

Stacks? Check. Dock? Check. Space theme? Check.

Still stumped? A quick read through of gOS’s feature description provides some more clues…

Linux meets MySpace With a stunningly beautiful interface and fun MySpace Apps, gOS Space 2.9 introduces a linux-based operating system designed for the 100,000,000 MySpace users.
Web on a dock. Now with the new gOS Space dock, you can email, IM, surf the web, while surfing through popular TV, movies, and music at the same time. The gOS Space dock aggregates the most popular web apps into neat, usable stacks for MySpace, News, Photos, Videos, Music, TV, Tools, and Fun.

The gOS website is even an exact knock off of Apple’s website. Notice how the tabs on their navigation bar even line up exactly.

The “g” in gOS supposedly stands for “Good”, although I think it may very well stand for Gleopard.

I’m not really sure what the point of gOS is anyway. I guess I could be wrong, but I sort of assumed most Linux users would want to steer clear of the “MySpace” generation entirely.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jeff for the tip.

17 Responses to “Forget Psystar, why isn’t Apple suing THESE guys?”
  1. zmttoxics says:

    It was originally googleOS / greenOS I believe. The premise for the distribution is that it has direct access to everyone favourite web utilities (mainly googles).

    None of what you see is illegal, the term DOCK was used before OS X got one.

    I am a linux -> os x convert – but I still love it. So don’t hurt me too bad :p.

  2. Chris Rohde says:

    Actually the first incarnation of gOS was very nice and green, it was just a variant of GNOME with google SSBs in the dock, I believe. It was very nice, but I never devoted an entire comp to its use… hooray for virtualbox, I suppose.

  3. zmttoxics says:

    Oh lord. I do now see your point about their new website. Thats a bit borderline eh? :\

  4. Ryan says:

    its a jackle! a jackle? a jackle! is it a jackle? ITS A JACKLE!

  5. Jeremy B says:

    As they say. . . . imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

    If you made an OS no one wanted to copy, I’d take that as a bad thing.

    I guess the fact they imitated it so closely means someone really really. . really really really. . .really likes Leopard?

  6. Alex says:

    Four words: cease-and-desist order. It’s like these guys didn’t even TRY to cover their tracks. The font style’s completely ripped off, there’s a 3D Dock… the list goes on. The website’s also a blatant ripoff of Apple’s website.

    On a side note… their “home” button’s full of JPEG artifacts. =X

  7. Modiglian says:

    I’ve seen few campaigns targeting the wrong audience like this one.

    Linux for Myspace retards? *shakes head*

  8. Jeremy B says:

    I downloaded the site for as a keepsake. I find this very very. . amusing and I’ll miss this amazing imitation of Apple’s site and OS when they are taken down.

    If anyone wants a copy the zipped size is only 2mb.

  9. Trat says:

    Oh, its Linux. No thread, no need to sue: let them digg their own grave with their ragdoll OS…

  10. Jon says:

    It’s unfortunate, but graphic design is very hard to enforce any type of copyright on. The most cogent argument that can be used is if the violator is attempting to dilute the brand, trademark, or trade dress of the originator.

    That being said, I think Apple would have a pretty strong case. These twits are clearing copying not only their website, but the overall look and feel of their software too…and even claim that their crappy logo was designed by a former member of the apple design team.

    I mean, I know docks and OpenGL desktop management animations and “Space” themed photography aren’t Apple’s inventions, but for crying out loud, would you people please take some pride in your work?

    Copying something should never be your measure of success, no matter how good the thing you’re copying is.

  11. Nathaniel says:

    Man, of all the interface stuff to copy, they chose Stacks?

  12. Phelim Brady says:

    Wow. Apparently they sell it in Wal-Mart….. “OS first debuted with the Everex gPC, a $199 PC sold at Wal-Mart stores and online. gOS has since released two additional versions of its linux operating system.”

  13. Nex6 says:

    sOS, is just a Linux distro that has Enlightenment (E17) running on it. nothing special here. and E17, has been in development for a long time…

    all, they did was hackup E17 (Enlightenment) ontop of Linux. not sure what there base is I think it is ubuntu but dont quote me….


  14. Well, it is the beauty of Gnu/Linux, you see something that you like, you make one copy for yourself and you can modify it AS YOU LIKE, and you can publish it FOR FREE so everyone can try it if they WANT 🙂

  15. Mark M says:

    The dock is independent of the interface and is called Avant Window Navigator. It had a 3d dock feature before apple did, it had stacks before apple did.

  16. Jim K says:

    I’m getting a little tired of the rag on MySpace cliche.

    MySpace may still be loaded with horny youngin’s, but you don’t even have to interact with that part of it.. There’s likely to be a large number of kindreds out there when you start looking. Tech geeks, Macheads, gamers, photographers, writers, movie/music/TV/sci-fi/comics buffs, etc.

    It is also, admittedly, the largest collection of garish “umgepacht” graphic pge designs in the world, but’s still the best network I’ve found for networking with fellow spoken word artists and slam poets (of all ages) for one example. And the lack of visual discipline and utter miscellany of millions of people — mostly non-techies — trying to individualize themselves is actually less bland than some of the other more minimalist sites people think are hipper these days.

    There’s tons of innovative Indie Music as well, much of it both streamable and downloadable for free, and embedding all kinds of things in your profile (e.g., live links, images, YouTube videos, MySpace specific widgets and more couldn’t be easier, not to mention easily making large and varied photo galleries, full HTML blog posts, broadcast bulletins, status messages, and more. And plenty of amateur videos if you like youTube style fare.

    And “apps” (like facebook style)

    And while the log-in’s loaded with ads, outside of a single banner, your own page is add and offer free.

    I’ve tried LiveJournal (my second favorite), and recently FaceBook, Glaxo, Pulse, Reunion — and find them variously (not in order) kinda yuppie, precious (give virtual “gifts”?? Cooorrny). And silly little time-wasting apps. And some with limited or missing photo-posting or blogging options

    And after a period of no web 2.0 functionality, MSpace’s tech’s finally evolving pretty fast too.

    I really think it’s got the most bang for the buck of any of the social net sites if some of your kind of folk are there.

  17. Brian Burns says:

    They even ripped off google’s new g in the favicon.

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