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Is there only one way to write “me”?

Maybe Apple figured that since only my sister-in-law bought Windows Me, no one would notice that their new “mobile me” service bears a striking resemblance to the Me logo. Well, eagle-eyed flickr user hotmilkgreentea has blown the whole “Me” font thing wide open, and is calling Apple out.

Surely there is another “happy” font to write “me” in that still implies something is idiot-proof..?

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Rowlings for the tip!

13 Responses to “Is there only one way to write “me”?”
  1. Paul says:

    there isn’t that much of a similarity. the ME logo is a little stylised & curly; mobile me is more straight handwriting.

    A rounded Myriad pro font would be nice though

  2. Honestly, that’s kind of a stretch.

    Yes, they both happen to use a letter “M” that starts with a downward stroke – but the similarity ends with that single note.

    The WindowsME logo vs. MobileMe logo
    – a capital M and lowercase E vs. both lowercase
    – handwritten vs. not-handwritten
    – not cursive/connected vs. cursive/connected

    Surprising to see such a non-story on a day that is anything but slow.

  3. Midnight says:

    Cue the howling of thousands of PC-Fanboys pointing out that now Apple is copying Microsoft.

  4. Kelly says:

    One is cursive and one is print. Sorry, but that is a stretch.

  5. hans says:

    another thing, on the trail of handwritten vs print font, is the line’s thickness. apple’s maintains same thickness throughout, while win me’s is stylized and… can’t find a word for it… but you see it, don’t you?

  6. Max31 says:

    I didn’t care for the name Mobile Me when I heard it, now I know why. Something too cute about the use of Me. What’s next? Maybe Apple will change their computer names, also. Goodbye Mac, hello Me. Just hope they don’t cancel the Me Mini, that’s the computer I use. Maybe I’ll replace it with a Me Book Pro or the beautiful Me Book Air.

  7. Torg says:

    the whole me thing… sounds… like they hired someone from Microsoft to name it… its just … weird and I really don’t like the choice.

  8. Dave-O says:

    They might as well be Helvetica and Times as far as I’m concerned

  9. JCM says:

    This looks like the font for “insanely great” in the Macintosh unveiling thing…
    ***Look at the ‘e’s…

  10. Lee Smith says:

    Back to the typeface thing. The “me” is the same typeface as”hello”

  11. JCM says:

    It kinda looks like Steve Job’s signature…
    Look at the last ‘e…’

  12. juan says:

    the only resemblance is “ME”

    The fonts don’t look alike, the color is different , the shape is different, the look is different, the context is different and the icons are different and the overall felling is different … ONLY the spelling of “Me” is the same – duh, it has to be!!

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