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Jimmy Olsen’s iPhone to the rescue!

Any old show can stick an iPhone in a character’s hand, but it takes some REAL fanboy writers to work a Jailbroken iPhone and some imaginary 3rd party apps into the plot to really prove their level of Apple worship.

Faithful Macenstein reader Kensei writes:

Heya Doc,
On a recent episode of Smallville, Jimmy Olsen had to go all “secret agent man” to spy on Chloe when forced to do so by the NSA. Thank goodness she was only armed with a puny Windows Mobile device, so Jimmy was able to easily hack it with his mighty iPhone using that handy iPhone spy app “Data Clone“. (For jailbroken iPhones only). It’s interesting not everyone on this show uses iPhones – kinda more grounded in reality. OMG I can’t believe I just said that about Smallville ;p

2 Responses to “Jimmy Olsen’s iPhone to the rescue!”
  1. Dave-O says:

    Fortunately it was a well-disguised iPhone because that episode sucked.

    It wasn’t the NSA, it was the Department of Domestic Security (DDS), a Smallville-only security agency. Clearly the NSA would never resort to such tactics (they use BlackBerrys).

  2. Richard says:

    well the show may not have had the budget for an iPhone, as the image clearly shows a painted iPod touch, there is a groove cut out for the home button but nothing for the ear piece speaker.


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