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Looks like the “Metal” in MGS4 is “brushed aluminum”

Looks like the “Metal” in Metal Gear Solid 4 is “brushed aluminum”.

Hmmm… does that mean the Mac is considered a weapon?

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Phil for the link.

7 Responses to “Looks like the “Metal” in MGS4 is “brushed aluminum””
  1. Anski says:

    Apple product placement is all over. There are several MacBooks throughout the game, and snake even has his very own iPod on his person from the moment the game starts.

  2. darrell says:


    when otacon is on the carrier he is holding his MacBook Pro and talking snake through the entire level. the apple product placement is everywhere.

    if you Google for a little, you’ll find an old photo from EGM of Hideo Kojima sitting in his cubicle at konami around the time MGS2 came out and he’s got a 23″ acrylic cinema display and although you can’t see the tower, he’s running OSX 10.2.

    i’ve beaten this game and walked away briefly during the credits and during the ‘special thanks to’ section where it shows the other product placement… ie… Sony Ericsson, Playboy, etc. – i don’t remember seeing an Apple logo!!!

    the mac-haters will say that Apple spent a fortune on the product placement in this game (maybe they did?) but Kojima definitely used a mac before this game came out… and although the game has been in production for 3+ years, don’t you think steve jobs would rather have an iPhone or iPod touch in product placement rather than a 5th Gen white iPod? i mean they RUSHED to get a certain other videogame characters costume into the game… then again the iPod is there the whole time.

    absolutely stunning game! definitely worth the purchase… not sure if the ps3 was worth it though 🙁

  3. Doc , once again you redefined the meaning of slow news day. Two times in a row 🙂

  4. you says:

    dude, check out “kung fu panda” when the panda imagines the dragon scroll is a cookie and climbs up the wall; stop on the cookie when it appears in closeup and you will be suprised 😀

  5. Jonro says:

    Not a game, but Jon Stewart had a MacBook Air on The Daily Show last night. I wonder if Apple paid for product placement or just gave one to Jon Stewart in exchange for putting it on his desk for a night?

  6. darrell says:

    @jonro they’ve had plenty of segments with their correspondents posing as anchors using MacBook Pros & Airs. i doubt that that is product placement, as with most budget cable shows – those are probably merely owned by the writers and used as set props for the bit.

  7. imajoebob says:

    If I remember correctly, shipping PowerBook Tis and Power Macs to certain countries was banned for a while because they were considered weapons grade “super” computers. Higher speed G4 processors were that (relatively) powerful. Once the commerce department realized a bunch of college students were using them for writing term papers they revised their regulations. But Va Tech’s G5 System X does show that the PPC’s potential as a “strategic” tool.

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