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MacBook Airhead

Look who just went Mac shopping! It’s Paris Hilton and her man of the hour Benji Madden.

Paris picked up a brand new MacBook Air, while Madden opted for the MacBook Pro. We spotted Hilton with a MacBook Pro of her own a few months ago, but we’re sure the MBP must have died on her. After all, she doesn’t seem like the kind to make extravagant purchases just on a whim.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Chris for the tip!

[Images: Ryan Fuertes via Mr. Paparazzi]

4 Responses to “MacBook Airhead”
  1. Gareth R.N. Sloan says:

    What the hell would that girl have needed a MacBook Pro for anyway? Shenanigans! Thats what!

  2. Tice says:

    WTF is Benji Madden? – yeah, I know a Paris boytoy… but if somebody who – uhm can’t do something special (exept being in a Pr0n) has a boyfriend who well does what (playx guitar like million others?) … what’s it worth? Z-E-R-O!

    Anyway, nice pictures of the MacBook Pro and Air boxes. ; )

  3. Mr.Spore says:

    The Mac’s are the sexiest thing in those pictures.

  4. darrell says:

    that dude looks like he just walked off an urban outfitters catalog. whatever dude. go back to color commentary on football… oh wait… wtf is BENJI madden?

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