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Nicotine-plated eMac

Can’t afford one of those fancy gold-plated MacBook Pros? Well, you can apparently achieve a remarkably similar-looking effect yourself for far less money, and look cool while you’re doing it! (Smoking’s still cool, right?) Behold the “Nicotine-plated eMac”.

Flickr user rebelace writes: “This Mac recently came in for service at the store I work at. This brown and black stuff is from smoking and it smelled horrible. Imagine what their lungs look like.”

Wow. Based on this eMac’s insides I’m betting its owner needs servicing as much as it does.

9 Responses to “Nicotine-plated eMac”
  1. Rowlings says:

    Smoking will ALWAYS be cool!

  2. Richard tremont says:

    That is all kinds of gross.

  3. Kirk Gray says:

    I wrote a database for a coffee roasting company. Their was a machine next to each roasting oven where the roasters kept track of information.

    A year later we upgraded the system which included memory and hard drive upgrades to the roasting machines. The motherboards were covered with a dark brown tar-like something. It was really kind of gross.

    The next upgrade we moved the machines to another room with just the keyboards and monitors next to the roasters.

  4. Richard says:

    if that thing came to my workshop id void its warranty! urgh. πŸ˜›

    sidenote: i see your using the Apple approved ‘iCecube Tray©’ for the bits πŸ™‚ good ol service manuals πŸ™‚

  5. ClunkClunk says:

    I’ve seen similar stuff with iMac G3 series machines. The only effective way to clean them was to soak the case overnight in a bucket of water and dishwashing liquid.

    One of the Mac repair shops I worked at had a policy to not work on machines that were potentially hazardous, cigarette leftovers were one of them, so were animal infestations, hazardous liquid spills, or broken glass. It didn’t happen often, but I was present to enforce that policy about once a month.

  6. odin says:

    Latex gloves anyone?

  7. imajoebob says:

    Back in my college days I had a classmate who had car windows looking like this. But to be clear – no pun intended – it was NOT nicotine that built up this much resin…

    God, I miss the 70’s.

  8. I worked for Geek Squad a few years ago and nasty crap like this was common occurrence. I see in the photo’s that he handled it with bare hands. Good luck washing that smell out. πŸ™

  9. Brian Deuel says:

    I was given a pile of old CRT monitors a few years ago from a TGI Fridays, that I was going to clean up and give away to Goodwill or others that might use them. A few of them were so full of yellow, sticky, smelly grease that I ended up just stripping them down and recycling the parts. Cigarette smoke isn’t the only disgusting chemical people ingest.

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