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Celebrity Mac Chick-a-Palooza 3: Mariah Carey

My GOD! Her feat are huge! I originally was going to file this one under Big Foot sightings, but I was told that that is in fact the giant footed pop princess Mariah Carey, relaxing with her MacBook Pro old PowerBook (thanks guys).

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Kensei, for the pic!

11 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick-a-Palooza 3: Mariah Carey”
  1. Jonro says:

    What is she snacking on?

  2. Patrick says:

    Umm is that even a Macbook Pro?? Is that disc drive on the left side (our left) ?? Please tell me if I wrong, am curious now.

  3. mangochutney says:

    Sorry, I’m new to the Mac world, but isn’t that a 12″ Powerbook?

  4. MacSheikh says:

    Excuse me! Her feet are NOT huge! They are attractively bigger than some people’s, that’s all.

    And I take offence at the misspelling of her beautiful name in the title. Thank you.

  5. raVen says:

    what MacbookPro?? Looks more like a 12″ Powerbook. The bottom is to thick, and the CD Slot is on the right hand side.
    …maybe this isn’t Mariah?

  6. Graham says:

    Again that is also a PowerBook, It is a 12 in, none of the MacBook Pros have a slot-loading drive on the side they are all on the front.

  7. Schorschie says:

    I think that’s an old 12″ Powerbook, isn’t it?

  8. ERIC says:

    Popcorn – heard of it?

  9. Steve says:

    Nick Cannon blew his chance with Christina Milian to be with Mariah Carey and her enormous feet? What was he thinking?

  10. tony clifton says:

    You know you are bored when you are talking about Mariah Carey’s feet! The lady is TALL, they are proportional to her body, do you think she could stand up without falling if she had size 1 feet? She is right at 5’9″! Hey, I would take her and those long legs anyday!

  11. Fan of Mariah says:

    Her “feat”? What an illiterate!
    Her FEET are just fine. Mariah is built for comfort, not for speed. She can put her “feat” in my bed any time!!

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