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Celebrity Mac Chick-a-Palooza 1: Adriana Lima

Do you know how long I have stalked followed Miss Lima’s career, hoping to find a picture of her using Apple gear? Well, finally, faithful Macenstein reader Bilal has come to my rescue, and found a picture of Lima holding an iPhone (never mind that she seems to also be holding some other model phone). Also shown is her basketball playing fiance Marko Jaric.

Now, because she’s in “Airport” mode, and not at her ultimate hotness, I have posted the below picture, just so we can all appreciate just what a major score we have uncovered. And dn’t worry, Adriana, I have taken a new vow – I will not stop looking at every picture of you I can find until I see you using MacBook. You have my word!

[pic via Just Jared]

4 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick-a-Palooza 1: Adriana Lima”
  1. MacSheikh says:

    Woohoo!!!!!!! I mean, cool.

  2. Bilal says:

    She’s gorgeous. <3

  3. Tice says:

    Um… where’s the iPhone?? : ( Does she hold it in her right hand?

  4. iBuchon says:

    Haaaaha! Love how you blocked out the “man” in the picture. MMMmmmmmmmmmm…………. Lima!

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