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Dell is still 9 years behind Apple

Faithful Macenstein reader Shemp sent in this screengrab of Dell’s website, pointing out the similarity between its layout and Apple’s.

While I certainly notice some similarities (the giant main image, the smaller images below, the multi-colored computers Apple used to sell) I think Shemp is being a bit too generous with Dell’s ability to copy Apple in a timely manner. What they are REALLY coping is Apple’s page from 1999 (below).

As you can see, back then, multi-colored computers were the rage, and Apple only used 3 images below its main image (instead of the 4 it currently uses), just as Dell does now.

Personally I am very much looking forward to the 2016 debut of the DellPhone, and their all but inevitable tagline “Dello?”.

10 Responses to “Dell is still 9 years behind Apple”
  1. Zendriver says:

    I agree that Dell’s website design could use a refresh, but I really would rather them do their own thing than try to ape Apple’s design, old or new. That way leads to madness.

    As for the product itself, I’m actually rather interested in it. The only comparable product from Apple is the Mac Mini, which isn’t as powerful, doesn’t have HDMI or Blu-Ray and is woefully in need of a refresh. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Apple is interested in keeping the Mini alive, focusing all their recent efforts on the iPhone 3g, Macbook, and ATV2 lines. A shame – I’d buy a new Mini in a New York Minute (which is way faster than our Ohio Minutes.)

  2. Aron T says:

    Personally, I do not like the idea of playing Blu-Ray on my 50″ Pioneer with a desktop that uses Intel integrated graphics…

    Cliff notes version: The base Studio PC is underpowered compared to the base Mac Mini.

    Extended version: If you put a Core 2 Duo, Wi-Fi card, and add Vista Home Premium you’re at $50 more than the Mini. I’ll give you that the HD is bigger, but if I’m using this as an HTPC, I’m buying at LEAST 1TB to hook up to it anyways!

  3. Javier says:


    That should be the Golden LOL of the year, if that prize ever existed.

    Dr Macenstein you are hilarious XD

  4. Xeno says:

    They look like purses. Since when did Dell start selling purses??

  5. It’s a man bag. Dude? Dello. You’re getting a man bag.

  6. Bunyip says:

    Yes, the page is a little too “me too” but, like Zendriver, I reckon the Hybrid computers are pretty cool. I reckon they have out Appled Apple as far as their design goes. Far sexier than the Mini which, if you do a side by side with these, looks quite dated.
    I like the bamboo shell in particular. I have always wondered if Apple, in their quest to move from different case materials every few years, would ever use natural materials like wood or bamboo.

  7. Chris Brown says:

    You guys ever wonder why you have so few comments? It’s because your little system of words and sounds which must be jumped through is almost impossible to decipher. I’m on my 5th try now, with very little hope of making it.

    Oh yeah, and my comment. It will be 2016 by the time I get this posted, so I’ll let you know what the jello-phone is like…

  8. Ixon says:

    You Apple fan boys and faithful Apple followers amuse me. Funny thing is if you wanna play that kind of ball game I could list 15 sites off the top of my head that Apple copied.

    Seriously, go play with your crappy Apple products if your so bored and quit trolling. I’m a professional web designer, and it’s impossible to create a new medium that fits to a genre. The web is now at the point, where a layout criteria is expected, and it’s all tied down to what kind of site it is. All WordPress/blog web sites use the same layout, LIKE THIS SITE! I don’t see anyone pulling this crap?

    But what ever you moronic Apple people are so stuck up it’s amusing.

    Morons, really.

  9. Rick says:

    Isn’t it more about Dell now producing fruity computers.

  10. Anon says:

    @Ixon – Dude, you’re AT an Apple fanboy site. Trolling? Eh? I think you have to be at some OTHER WEB PAGE before you can call this trolling.

    Plz get sum edumacation den com back!

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