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Mysterious creature sighted at South Carolina Apple store opening

Faithful Macenstein reader Jordan sent us some pretty cool shots he took at the Charleston South Carolina Apple store grand opening this weekend.

Among the usual shots of the lined up mob and the pristine, soon-to-be-fouled store, is this rather interesting shot of a mysterious creature we would swear was the NJ Devil, if it weren’t taken in SC.

According to Jordan, “This guy was the first one in line”, and it’s no wonder, what with his magical leaping and shape shifting abilities and all.

Aside from this one supernatural visitor, the event looked like it went off without hitch, with quite a nice show of “camping out fanboyism” for the first South Carolina store.

5 Responses to “Mysterious creature sighted at South Carolina Apple store opening”
  1. brad says:

    Is there a minimum weight requirement to work at the SC Apple store?

  2. JCM says:

    I almost went here on Saturday, but had to go play golf…
    Anyway the Genius, who formally worked for Geek Squad, lives next to my Uncle…

  3. Jonathan says:

    @brad Is that really necessary?

  4. seriously though

    the ninja jumping in the picture is me

    i was the first inline

    yeah i pwn dont i?

    seriously though @brad im sure you could loose some weight and i havent seen you before

  5. Summer Kennedy says:

    umm that ninja in the picture.
    is one of my friends haha:]

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