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NOKIA e65 FOREVER!!! (or until a 32GB iPhone comes out)

Faithful Macenstein reader Matthew writes:

Hey, following on from your post about iPhone apps, check out the apps I have on my phone:


*note that by forever I mean until there is a 32gb iPhone.

I hear you, Matthew. While I don’t personally own that piece of crap phone (I am the proud owner of a Shrek-green Gen 1 iPhone) I too will not be upgrading to the latest model until it has at least 32GB of memory in it.

14 Responses to “NOKIA e65 FOREVER!!! (or until a 32GB iPhone comes out)”
  1. Dizil says:

    Actually I like to upgrade to a Nokia N95 or N96, it’s twice the phone and multimedia than an iPhone, and I’m an iphone user.

  2. odin says:

    I am holding out for a better camera 🙁

  3. MightySandwich says:

    Umm…you might want to fix the title. And I’d settle for a measley 8 GB iphone (light-years beyond the old Razr I’m currently using).

  4. Yuppers says:

    I’m waiting for 32GB, too. Frankly, the lack of a 32 GB 3G iPhone at “second launch” has brought out the cynic in me re: Apple’s decision-making…

  5. Yuppers says:

    I’m with the Dr. on this – since I have a 16GB iPhone (EDGE), it’s going to take a bit more than the current 3G iPhone to make me pony up. I see a 32GB iPhone by the holiday season… cynical? Perhaps. But also playing the odds — and when I’ll make the move.

  6. MacTipper says:

    There’s a typo in the title. (3GB vs. 32 GB.)

  7. Lucky says:

    You should correct the title of this post. 3GB, huh?

  8. Jaan says:

    I think you made a typo in the title of this article.

  9. airfang says:

    did u mean 32GB in the title?

  10. Gussy says:

    love the fact that 4 people commentated the same thing. It looks like the time between each post is long enough for them to see the previous post too. he he.

  11. odin says:

    Who cares about the iPhone, we are all wanting July’s Mac Chick!!!

  12. ERIC says:

    Dadgum – does anybody read the other posts before posting themselves? It isn’t like there are a 100 of them here.

    P.S. – what about that title. 😉

    Also, your commit word thing sucks – half the time I can’t figure out what the words are! I had to refresh twice to get something to come up that I could make out.

  13. Operator207 says:

    I have a 1st gen iPhone with gb. It currently has ~2gb free. I have quite a bit of music, but do not need to carry it all with me. 32gb is not going to make me buy a 2nd gen iPhone. GPS makes me look at them, but is useless until you get turn by turn. Camera, is good enough for a cell phone. If you want better, go get a real camera (must be the amateur photographer talking there).

    What would make me buy this phone, is native ssh client (do not need server, but would not mind if it came along), push for all email types, as long as the server side supported it (read IMAP IDLE support for mailservers you manually setup).

    Just because you like the iphone does not mean you use it for a media device. I like the iPhone for its sync abilities with my MBP. Other phones kinda sorta do it, but not as nicely as the iPhone.

  14. alleymon says:

    I heard from a friend, who just picked up an 8GB and a 16GB iPhone that his sales clerk (What do they know really?) said the 32GB would be out in April 2009. So this is the first Rumor I’ve heard floated from an AT&T person. Fingers Crossed… I love my #@GB iPod Touch.

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