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Photos from the Apple Store Liverpool opening

“‘ello Gov’nor! What’s all this then? Why, it’s the Liverpool Apple Store grand opening, it is!” (Yes, that’s how all Americans think all British people talk. At least those of us raised watching Danger Mouse and Banana Man cartoons on Nickeloedeon…)

Faithful UK Macenstein reader Tim Cox sent us these shots his nephew Elliot Norton (who for the sake of our ego we’ll assume to also be a faithful Macenstein reader) took during the grand opening of the new Liverpool Apple Store opening yesterday. As you can see, like all Apple Store openings, there was total disregard for public safety and fire laws, with people packed in as tightly as possible. This is more or less how the 5th Ave NYC Apple Store looks every time I enter it, which is why I have stopped entering it.

More pics

17 Responses to “Photos from the Apple Store Liverpool opening”
  1. René says:

    And again, not Germany…

  2. John R says:

    Danger Mouse and Banana Man? It’s Liverpool for chrissakes. There they all sound like Ringo… Peace, Man!

  3. graham says:

    Wow that is a narrow-ist apple store I have ever seen, not to mention smallest.

  4. Joe says:

    It’s not really that small once you’re inside etc. The one at Lenox Square Mall (I think it is, or Perimeter, can’t remember) in Atlanta is much smaller than this one (this one has two floors). You should really go before judging what it’s like 🙂

  5. Durosity says:

    need one in newcastle upon tyne!

  6. graham says:

    You are right (Joe) I did not see the second floor, I guess the Apple stores in LA just seem bigger.

  7. Constable Odo says:

    You’re right, the Fifth Avenue store has been like this everytime I’ve been there. I think it’s just become a gathering place for people with nothing to do. I’ve seen people just sitting around the stairs like they were waiting to meet someone. Maybe they were trying to pick out potential mates judged by what Mac products they bought. I’m joking. I went during the winter so maybe a lot of people were just trying to warm up.

  8. cinemec says:

    It looks bigger than the Manchester stores but at least we have two of them 🙂

  9. odin says:

    Why aren’t there any hot or at least huge breasted women anywhere in the line?!

  10. Karl says:

    hi folks at apple,

    at least we need on apple store in good old germany, for example in Munich.

    hurry on!


  11. “Wow that is a narrow-ist apple store I have ever seen, not to mention smallest.”

    Guess you haven’t seen the one in Vancouver then?

  12. Quinton says:

    or tulsa? ours is small! but it gets the job done

  13. Max Hawkins says:

    Ahhh… please Apple, open a store in Cardiff or Swansea. You have loyal customers in Wales too.

  14. Dave-O says:

    You mean Nickelodeon

  15. Parish says:

    “Ahhh… please Apple, open a store in Cardiff or Swansea. You have loyal customers in Wales too.”

    Totally agree, I’m near Bristol so I have to drive to either London or Birmingham to get to one. Sucks. Esp as they have white iPhones in stock!!! but that’s another story – lol

    Great to see a new store in England though, and the popularity is wicked for Apple.

    Also, I recently drove across America and went to pretty much every store in the cities I visited, most people go in and abuse the free Wifi. You see people there for ages on facebook and such. I didn’t want to look so bad, so did the same from outside on my iPhone. ha ha

  16. heli says:

    please Apple, open a store in Jakarta or Asia Tenggara. You have loyal customers there.

  17. Sam says:

    I heard yesterday that an Apple store is set to open in Newport (Wales), in the Kingsway Centre.
    I was there and a member of staff in a store mentioned that Apple had plans to open a store there, and had acquired an area in the centre.
    I’m not sure how true this is though, as Cardiff would seem like a much better location for an Apple store, however if there is one opening in Newport that would be brilliant though.

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