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Reward! Who is “FoldyLocks”?

By far my favorite iPhone game of the moment is Apple’s own Texas Hold ’em, the wonderful Texas Holdem card game featuring the mystery girl below, whom I have dubbed “FoldyLocks” for her habit of almost never staying in the game long enough to even place a bet.

Above: FoldyLocks on the rare occasion of actually placing a bet (left) and the even rarer occasion of actually winning (right).

Yes, I admit, I am a bit smitten with this 3-inch tall poker playing cowgirl (with all due apologies going out to the Bride of Macenstein), and obviously so is Apple, as they have made her the poster girl for the game (see below).

Above: FoldyLocks, and her more familiar, forlorn look of abject disappointment in her dealt hand.

In fact, I am so enamored with “Miss Locks”, that I am offering a reward of a $20 iTunes gift card to the person who can identify her, and a whopping $60 card to the person who can get us an interview with Foldy (that’s enough to buy 5 copies of the game, and still have enough left over to buy Dizzy Bee!).

By the way, I am posting this via the new WordPress iPhone app, which seems to work pretty well, although an external Bluetooth keyboard accessory would be awesome.

13 Responses to “Reward! Who is “FoldyLocks”?”
  1. Bert says:

    An external bluetooth keyboard is what im waiting for before i buy the great app. But whoever makes an external keyboard for the iphone better make a holder that stops it from sliding around or worse – falling.

    Hmmmm why not just write an app that allows iphone to pair with a Palm bluetooth keyboard?…..

  2. Tice says:

    Hmm, I just know that Phil Schiller* and Greg Joswiak* are in the game, so it could be an Apple employee also.


  3. Phil says:

    Danika Cleary maybe…

  4. Jamie says:

    Yeah I think Phil is right. Is she still Apples, iPod worldwide product marketing manager?

  5. Vizard says:

    THATS MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JK does kinda look like her though

    btw i checked imdb while they do have video games they have none of the iPod games

  6. Gidgidonih says:

    I doubt it’s Danika. Foldylocks clearly has a chin-dimple.

  7. anton says:

    $60 dollars! That girl is so smoken hot, I am officially declaring her the hottest digital poker player. I am raising the stakes, who ever can tell me who this exotic looking girl is will receive a $10,000 reward! I need to know who she is!

  8. MrMe says:

    I know her, but I’m not giving her up. Sorry Guys

  9. Baxter says:

    Hint: Her first name is Bridgit !

  10. Chablis says:

    She is even prettier in person and the coolest chick!
    Yes, I know her well. Can’t sell her out though….

  11. max says:

    i think her name is baby grey ?

  12. Isaac says:

    I know who she is and what her favorite “bebida” is… but I’m not telling… 🙂

  13. jackson says:

    i think her nick name is “whiska’s” and she works
    at google and she enjoys turbo shandy’s

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