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Screw the iPhone! We got all your Zune news RIGHT HERE!

Yeah, I know iPhone launch day has already begun to be celebrated all across the world, but quite frankly, I am getting sick of reporting on the iPhone. So I thought I would take a quick look at what’s going on with the Zune in the news today. Surely Microsoft has some sinister plans to steal Apple’s thunder! Let’s see what it is!

Just hold on one second while I Google “Zune”… hmmm… OK…

Well, um, apparently teen actress Paige Hurd (‘Everybody Hates Chris,’ and ‘Beauty Shop) is throwing a great big old sweet sixteen party for herself, and instead of presents, Paige is asking everyone to buy a raffle ticket for hey cancer charity instead. AND… guess what’s one of the items up for grabs? That’s right! Along with a T-mobile Sidekick and Cruise to the Mexican Riviera, some person (I won’t go so far as to call them “lucky”) will win a A ZUNE! And that’s not all! There will be 16 people randomly chosen from the pool of raffle tickets to be VIP guests of Paige at her invite only party!

While Paige’s actions are certainly commendable, with prizes like that, I have a feeling the cure for cancer is still a a ways off.

So… let’s see what else is going on in the world of the ZUNE… Well, hey that actually seems to be it.

So take THAT Apple! I’d be surprised if the iPhone even makes it to the AP wire tomorrow with that kind of killer ZUNE buzz going aound!

13 Responses to “Screw the iPhone! We got all your Zune news RIGHT HERE!
  1. Constable Odo says:

    The Zune is deader than Julius Caesar and far less famous.

  2. Jarod says:

    LOL! Lovin it!

    Zoooooooooon!! The player for the fool in us!

  3. Brad says:

    C’mon now, have any of you actually used a Zune? (At least since the new firmware came out.) It isn’t too shabby.

  4. darrell says:

    a lot of zune users are pretty happy with the product. i can’t see why not – it’s not like there haven’t been mp3 players that had more if not better features than the iPod for years.

    but considering that even steve jobs wants to kill the iPod with the iPhone – it certainly shows that apple is still innovating with their gadgets – except it’s not an mp3 player anymore.

  5. Biff says:

    I haven’t even SEEN a Zune, let alone used one…

    Shabby or not, it’s a dismal failure for Microsoft, but no one except Steve Ballmer thought they would be a success.

    Keep up the great work, Ballmer!

  6. Brad says:

    “I haven’t even SEEN a Zune, let alone used one…”

    You should start looking more closely. They’re pretty common. Maybe you’ve just gotten to the point where your brain doesn’t even process an MP3 player that isn’t an iPod? I know that until I started making myself notice, they all looked the same to me.

    In the MP3 player business, anything that isn’t the iPod can be considered a dismal failure when looking at market share. On the other hand, look at all of the non-Apple music players available, and I’ll bet you that the Zune is a frontfunner.

    I’ve had nothing but iPods for years now and I doubt I’ll ever switch, but I’ll defend the Zune for being a solid, well-designed product. For the sake of market innovation, I really hope that it provides some serious competition for Apple.

  7. Blam! says:

    Ballmer is the last Neanderthal in the world… When he leaves Micro$oft the world will have peace…

  8. odin says:

    “On the other hand, look at all of the non-Apple music players available, and I’ll bet you that the Zune is a frontfunner.”

    SanDisk still has 11% market share vs Microsoft’s 4%. So Zune isn’t even #2 🙁 Sad for them.

  9. And better productivity.

  10. Hey Doc even your site looks browner today… 🙂

  11. Al says:

    Just a cruise to the mexican riviera is actually a good prize… in my opinion….. I know because i live near, and is beautiful.

  12. imajoebob says:

    If I could figure out how to disassemble my iPod and cram it into that red model, I’d buy a ticket in a heartbeat. Considering their original “designer” color was sh*t brown, it’s impressive that this one is prettier than any of the iPod nanos. Of course the baby-poop green one is about as attractive as the Zune OS…

  13. MacPhotogirl says:

    My sister has a Zune…. she was visiting at our house one time and wanted to update it using my husbands laptop (yeah, yeah, not a Mac… yet… it’s an HP)… long story short, huge mess, bogged it down more than it already was and I have tried EVERYTHING to uninstall the Zune junk off of there for him but with no luck. What a piece of JUNK with junk SOFTWARE.

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