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Where’s Woz-do?

Can you find Waldo Steve Wozniak in the Price Is Right audience? MacRumors forum member mrbrown thinks he did, and we tend to agree with him.

He even has a “Steve” name tag, how cute! Good thing he didn’t get called on stage though. Despite being one of the more down-to-Earth billionaires, he’s still a billionaire, and I doubt he would have been able to guess the price of the 10 oz. container of Mrs. Dash (without going over, that is). Of course, if his Showcase Showdown had a Datsun 280z in it, he would kick total ass.

8 Responses to “Where’s Woz-do?”
  1. R says:

    Plinko beware!

  2. Kensei says:

    And this is why I love Woz. He is the everyman tech enthusiast everyone can immediately relate to him. He just loves life and technology.

    Anyway, I am off for a round of sedgeway polo. Hip Hip Hurooo!!!!

  3. Mike says:

    Woz isn’t even close to a billionaire.

  4. aranhamo says:

    As far as I can tell, Woz isn’t even remotely close to being a billionaire. I couldn’t find a lot of good info about his net worth, but the largest estimates I could find put him in the low hundreds of millions.

  5. imajoebob says:

    Millionaire, billionaire, schmillionaire. The great thing about Woz is that he’s always benn, well, low-rent. While steve wears $70 black tee shirts and $130 jeans, Woz gets his Polo shirts for 6 bucks at Ocean State Job Lots and his Tough Skins at Sears. Heck, everybody thought Kathy Griffin was the classy one when they were dating.

    I’ll bet Woz not only knows the price of Mrs. Dash (and Clairol hair color and the 8-cup Mr. Coffee), but he can yodel along with the hiker until it falls off the mountain. And if he got to spin the wheel he’d say hi to his biddy Steve, expecting he’d actually be watching.

    And I’d guess he still uses his 5 year old Razr (a gift, no doubt), not an iPhone.

  6. macjesus says:

    I guess he knows how expensive the iPhone 3G is…

  7. Jimguru says:


  8. brian says:

    not close to a billionaire? seriously?

    “steve wozniak’s estimated net worth is in the $10 trillion USD range”
    – the wall street journal

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