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Win one of 10 free copies of the new DOT.TUNES V2 iPhone Plugin!

That’s right, Macenstein and DOT.TUNES have joined forces to give away 10 free copies of the soon-to-be released DOT.TUNES iPhone Plugin V2 in celebration of the 3G iPhone launch. DOT.TUNES is the awesome iTunes companion application that allows you to easily stream your entire iTunes music and video collection from your home computer (Mac or PC) to your iPhone/iPod touch via Wi-Fi, or now… 3G, as well as share your library with friends and family over the internet.

I spoke to Jeffrey Ayling, creator of DOT.TUNES and the DOT.TUNES iPhone plug-in, and he mentioned he has been hard at work on a brand new version of the DOT.iPHONE plug-in which he will release tomorrow to coincide with the 3G iPhone launch. “Due to limitations with Safari on the iPhone, previously our Plugin could play only one track at a time rather than stream an entire iTunes Playlist,” says Jeffrey.”This has been the most requested feature over the past 12 months – playing one track after the other via the iPhone. I am very pleased to announce that we have nailed it!! Ready for launch on July 11 we will release our DOT.iPHONE Version 2.0 Plugin which allows users to securely access their entire iTunes library via their iPhone over 3G or WIFI. With the Version 2.0 plugin you can browse all playlists, artists, albums, genres and composers to play all your audio and movies while you are out and about.”

TWO Ways to enter

Method 1: We’re giving away 8 copies to the first 8 people who visit on their iPhone (you can use a computer too, but it won’t look nearly as nice) and browse the shared DOT.TUNES playlists (you can log in as guest, and just leave the password field blank if you do not have an account). Then send an e-mail with the name of your favorite track you found. (WOAH! THAT WAS FAST! We got our 8 entries, so try Entry Method 2 below)

Method 2: We will be giving away 2 additional copies of DOT.TUNES to 2 people who can write me a 25 word comment on why they should get a free copy of DOT.TUNES – but there is a catch. The body of the comment must be exactly 25 words long, and NOT CONTAIN THE LETTER “e”. (An homage to Mr. Burns’ “firing” conversation with Lenny”). I will choose which 2 comments are worthy of winning. Entries must be in by July 12th though, so hurry!

Thanks, and good luck!

20 Responses to “Win one of 10 free copies of the new DOT.TUNES V2 iPhone Plugin!”
  1. Joey says:

    I am asking for this program so that I can hark my iMac‘s music from Japan as I study Japan’s vernacular, for a long period.

  2. thefreemac says:

    A program that transports my music library to a communication aid would allow a party to occur at my location on any occasion I want.

  3. Paul Walker says:

    With plans cripplingly costly in Australia, I can only afford a low capacity iPod+communicator+navigator. But my Library is surpassing its constraints! Kindly assist.

  4. whistler says:

    This is a really good program. It works good and will play my music without touching my mac. thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. Jonro says:

    I sit in front of my monitor all day, but if I had this plugin I could go outdoors and play any of my music.

  6. Jonro says:

    All through Mac’s history, both man and woman is bound to an individual room for playing music. If I win this plugin, I shall roam.

  7. Blesst says:

    I do want that brilliant, cool and smart program of yours badly, so hand it over and I will pray for you all day long!

  8. Mark says:

    As a loyal Mac addict, I think I warrant a copy of this application as I am radically Canadian. I am also poor and ugly.

  9. Jason Langford says:

    I think this application is amazing! I would love to carry all my music to all occasions and transmit my library to my astonishing family!

  10. Jason Langford says:

    Whoops! Totally wasn’t ready to hit go and I fat fingered the button on my iPhone! Hope this doesn’t disqualify me, but here is what I meant to submit:

    “I think this application is amazing! I would fancy having all my music playlists for all occasions and transmiting my library to my astonishing family!”

  11. Bride of Macenstein says:

    I would want this application, but alas, Doc has not bought his # 1 gal a communication tool to play it on. That was hard.

  12. What makes you think you’re my number 1 gal?
    -The Doc

  13. NoiPhone says:

    I don’t have this fancy tool, as of now. If I had this app for this thing, I could justify trading my salary for it.

  14. Javier says:

    I want this app as much as a hot dog on a sunny day wants a drink, I’m a poor bum of a grad scholar!!!!

  15. Zesty says:

    I want all my music bit for bit, though thirty gigs just will not fit.
    But with your amazing application, music flows through radio communication.

  16. vandy1997 says:

    This amazing application will bring hours of fun to a poor soul who cannot pay for any applications upon purchasing a multifunction communicator at AT&T.

  17. KHall says:

    A party would spring up around this mac chick at any location if I had this mighty program. My coolness factor would go up substantially.

  18. Phil says:

    I shot you my original thought on using my ipod touch as a poor man’s option for an TV stand-in. Wanna try now! 🙂

  19. Johnny A says:

    Sadly, this commnt ida works out wll for m, bcaus I nvr larnd how to writ th lttr . Now, is that not rason nough?

  20. clint says:

    hey, this is a really cool idea man.

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