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Get “I Am Rich!” for $999.99 off the cover price!

Above: I Can’t Believe It’s Not I Am Rich! Same rich, buttery taste!

You snooze, you lose! To all you jealous suckers who were too slow and missed out on buying I Am Rich at the bargain price of $999.99 from the iTunes store before it was yanked, well, sucks to be you! Thanks to the invaluable secret advice I Am Rich has bestowed upon me, I am happy to say I have now quit my job, bought both the R & R railroad and the Water Works, and even built a hotel on Baltic Avenue (although it’s kind of a dump). Yes, I would have to say I Am Rich has been worth every penny. All 99,999 of ’em.

Oh, OK, I admit it. I didn’t get around to buying I Am Rich, but I meant to. In fact, I had just gotten back from the ATM with $994, and was about to bum an extra Mr. Lincoln from a co-worker to buy the $999 I Am Rich iPhone app when BOOM! Apple yanked it from the iTunes store.

So, being desperate to impress people and see just how many doors might fly open if I should have been able to show off such an expensive iPhone app, I decided to roll my own “I Am Rich” iPhone app, and unlike that greedy old Armin Heinrich, I am willing to share the wealth.

That’s right, now you too can pretend you were $999.99 richer a few minutes ago! Simply click on this link (on your iPhone or iPod touch, of course), then save the web page to your home screen by hitting the “+” sign at the bottom of your screen. It’s a great joke to play on someone, as long as you take the 20 minutes necessary to fully explain just WTF the short lived I Am Rich thing was all about.

Sure, it may not have I Am Rich‘s secret piece of advice that may or may not have made you even richer, but I am 99% sure that advice was “Do not waste your money on expensive crap like this”.

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  1. Scott says:

    Those Vibrant ads are terribly annoying. Do the right thing and stop making me disable them!

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