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iPhone clones still kicking it “old school”

If you are one of those people who think the iPhone 3G’s industrial design isn’t quite up to the beautiful brushed aluminum standards set by the 1st gen iPhone, don’t worry. Have we got the phone for you!

Above: Nope, that’s not the iPhone, folks.

I caught a bit of flack for comparing Lian Li’s XB01 Xbox case to that of the Mac Pro, but if anyone says this (Chinese? Russian?) import is not an iPhone rip-off, I’ll eat his hat, and the hats of up to 6 of his friends.

Behold the MiPhone M99i by DigitalRise. Even the name is just “iPhone with an “M” slapped on the beginning, and a trailing number tacked to the end because Windows mobile users seem to like their gadgets to sound like Star Wars droids.

Costing a mere $314, the MiPhone boast many improvements over other iPhone clones:

Measuring in at 115x6x14mm, the M99i is slimmer than any iClone! In additon to its cool appearance, the M99i also has Wifi, Windows Mobile 6.0, bluetooth, camera, mp3, mp4, FM Radio and is Tri-band GSM so it will work with T-Mobile, non-850mhz ATT, and Cingular.

Mmmm… Windows Mobile 6.0. I would totally get this, but it only has a 1.3 megapixel camera.

Hopefully Gadget Greats, the company selling these… things… has learned from the mistakes of poor, doomed, Mr. Rimmer of Digital Playworld fame, who was handed his arse on a platter for selling iPhone clones in the UK, and basically lost everything he had. In fact, Gadget Greats has a wide selection of iPhone clones, as well as a weird Mickey Mouse looking thing.

(I guess if they aren’t scared of Disney, they aren’t scared of anyone).

6 Responses to “iPhone clones still kicking it “old school””
  1. Alex says:

    OH MY G’D, what the hell is that floppy-disc icon?!

    (first image, second line, fourth row)

  2. Jonathan/Chaplare says:

    The floppy disk icon appears to be labeled documents… because they still store their docs on floppys in China/Russia? well actually I was just working at a Cal State uni and they had floppy USB drives hooked up to iMacs in a lab… tho the funny part was that they had the disk drives locked down to the desk along with the iMacs…

  3. odin says:

    It clearly isn’t an iPhone rip-off! My hat awaits.

  4. xero says:

    Wonder if they have any that will work on verison

    BTW the vaguely mick mouse looking thing is PUCCA from the cartoon of the same name on…TOON DISNEY (funny how that works huh)

  5. Tam says:

    Wow, i am liking this… a tad bid more handsome than the new M8… chuckle..

  6. Rick Andrade says:

    Since this is running Windows Mobile 6.0, I was just wondering if this clone has a version of Windows MilleniumMe mail… and if it is actually working? !!! (Seriously, can I have my old .mac capabilities back “Steve”?)

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